The rattle trap

   The rattle trap is a lipless crank bait. Usually used in a cast and crank style. Which means you cast it out and reel it back. You can also jig it a bit as you reel it back for some extra action. It's shaped like a small Poggi or brim or shiner or whatever little bait fish is in the area you're in. It can be used in fresh and salt water and catches fish's attention in 3 ways: look, vibration, rattle. 

    It looks like a small fish. It even reflects or shines like one. So, when you're reeling it back in a fish will mistake it for bait and WOOPP!!

   It also vibrates when it moves through the water. As you reel it back it shakes back and forth like a fish does. This creates vibrations that make it seem all the tastier to a predator fish. Jigging it hard on the retrieval makes the vibrations stronger and attracts those hard to get to bite babies.

   Just like its name it does rattle. Little pellets inside make a rattle noise which gets the fishes attention. A lot of predatory fish are attracted to noises. This little baby makes a noise they think is a diner invitation. 

  This is defiantly one of my favorite lures. I've caught specks, reds, bass, Spanish mackerel, blue fish, and a lot of others I can't remember. There isn't a fish that can refuse that rattle.