Ever heard a speckled trout or bass hit something on the top of the water? This is the sound you want to make with a popping cork. You have to cast your line out and keep it tight. Then kind of hard, jerk it back. If you, do it right it'll make that sound.


  •  Do it once and wait a minute.

  • Then pop it again.

  • Sometimes pop it twice.

  • You're trying to convince fish that another fish just struck something in that area.


    That sound is a diner bell to other fish. And they will come. Just keep at it. Pop, wait, pop, wait, pop-pop, wait, pop wait. Then, that cork will blast under the water.  Set the HOOK!

    Also be on the watch for it not to surface right away. Sometimes they strike it during and right after the pop. If it stays under longer than it should, Set the HOOK!

    You can use them with artificial and live bait. I prefer a jig undermine. Chartreuse usually. But you can use live shrimp, bull minnows, small croakers, even small white trout, pinfish. It all depends on the time of year and where you are.

   It doesn't matter what color the cork is. Not to the fish anyway. It's just easier to see the bright colors. Just use what works for you. The plain old white ones work just fine. 

    I prefer the ones that you can adjust its depth by slipping it up the line. You need to know the water depth and where the bait is. You can always experiment till you zero it in. If your catching small ones, drop it down another foot. The bigger ones might be hanging out under the little school size. 

Oldie but a goodie. The classic white and bright orange.