Top water

"At certain times of the year these can be very effective."

    Top water lures float, on top, of the water. They're made for fresh and salt water. There are dozens and dozens of different kinds. Some I'll go into more detail on.

   When you reel it in, they make vibrations and shake like an injured fish. You can also pop it, or "CHUG" it to make a load sound like a popping cork. It should go under a bit. It should look like a bait fish that just got struck but not devoured.

   At certain times of the year these can be very effective. Very effective. It's usually a summer thing. Though sometimes in the spring and fall you can get lucky with them.

     You have to get used to a different timing with top water. If you set the hook as soon as you see it struck, you'll probably pull it out of the fish's mouth. And you will do this until you get it down. Sometimes even after. Our adrenalin kicks in when we see it get struck and our reflexes take over.

     This is wrong. You have to wait. Count to one. Then set the hook. Then hang on. Unfortunately, the strike usually comes when we least expect it. "We all have a plan, till we get hit." But you'll get it down. It just takes practice, like most things. 

     Top water fishing does take more practice. But it IS WORTH IT! It's also a lot more exciting. You get to see that strike as it happens. Usually when you don't expect it. I LOVE IT! You'll have some really good stories to tell. How you caught that one, and how you missed the others. But that's why it's called fishing and not catching