Heddon Lucky 13

        Have you used a Heddon Lucky 13? If you've fished for a while, you probably have, or at least seen one. They've been around since the 1920's. So why has a lure been around so long? Because it still works. 

       You can get them with a few upgrades now, but the oldie but goodie still works just as good. 

    In case you can't tell it's a chug bait. It makes noise. It makes a splash. It draws fish in and makes them bite. Either for hunger or because of agitation. Either way is effective. 

     One day you'll be proud of all the scratches, teeth marks, and dings in your old faithful too. Just like all of us who've used them for years. I still have the some of the ones I had as a kid. And yeah, they still catch. They might actually get better with age. You'll have to find out for yourself. Try it today. You'll still be using it tomorrow. And the next time. And the next time . . .And . . . And