What is a popper bait? 

     A popper bait is a type of top water lure that has a distinct type of "mouth" on it. It's designed to make a noise when "popped" that should either sound like a wounded fish, or a fish that just struck a bait fish.

    Fish are attracted to sound. Especially if it sounds like somebody just tried to get a meal. Fish don't share. Well, that's how most of the animal kingdom works. Let someone else do the work and since I'm bigger I'll get the reward. Thankfully people aren't like this. Well, there not supposed to be.  

    There also attracted to vibrations. Like something struggling to swim through the water. Poppers do a great job of imitating this too. A lot of predator fish like to ambush their meals. Like coming from underneath and devouring whatever will fit into their mouth on the water's surface. Being wounded is not a good thing to be if you're on the menu. Fish go for the easiest meal first. Like the one someone else tried to eat. There is consistent at what they do. This is always good for fishermen.

   There are basically 3 types of poppers

  • Bowl Mouth - most common type of popper. Mouth has a bowl shape to it. Or an uneven shape. Makes a "pop" sound as it comes through the water. Throws the biggest splash and throws it in front. Makes it look like a frog hitting the water.
  • Chug - has a more even mouth. Makes a louder sound than the others. Sounds like a wounded bait fish struggling to get away from a predator.  This is the more traditional popper
  • Jitterbug - This one has a metal plate on the mouth. It's still used like the other poppers but makes a different sound because of the metal plate. It's supposed to sound like an insects' legs twitching. Great for summer freshwater fun

   Poppers are all used in the same way. Throw it out and pop it as you reel it in. You pop it just like a jig. Twitch the rod to make it pop. The harder the twitch the bigger the pop. 

    Fish usually "ATTACK" poppers. There probably won't be any mistaking it. Just a big WHAM and a splash. Set the hook and hang on.

    They all work, and work well. Some people prefer this one or that one. But I believe mostly it's just personal preference. You catch one giant on this one and that'll be your favorite from now on. 

   Until, you catch one on another one. So try all of them. Find your favorite, but use the others just to be fair. Were people not fish. Remeber.

Enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy Poppers.