Is that technology actually helping us

    Our modern world is filled with technology. It has crept into almost every aspect of our lives. Some of it has made life better, some has definitely not improved things, some is waiting to be made into something good, and something just shouldn’t exist. If it’s used as another tool, it can be a valuable addition to life. If it replaces things of true value, then we run the risk of creating problems we might not want to deal with. The choice is ours. 


    GPS has become something that everybody in our world knows about. They all know what it does but hardly anybody actually knows what it is or how it works.

     It stands for Global Positioning Satellites, and it started in the 1960.s. The US military needed a way to track nuclear missile carrying submarines and to help navigation at sea. It started with a few dozen satellites as an experiment but was so successful that more satellites were deployed and the whole thing grew exponentially. It moved into airline traffic and a few other industries before making its way into the lives of everyday people. Now every phone and a lot of cars and other things can all be GPS tracked.

     If you are prone to losing your phone this can be a HUGE advantage. It can also help to plan a trip or get directions. It has also caused most of our population to have exactly NO sense of direction. 

   There are now people who cannot get around the town they live in without GPD. They seriously can’t remember their way around a few square miles without help from satellites. I would hate to see them try and go hiking or do anything else outdoors without technology. 

    They are technically lost at all times. If you have to depend on someone else to tell you where you are and how to get somewhere else ALL THE TIME, you are lost, ALL THE TIME!

   I use mine to find places I haven't been to yet but once I have, I really rely on my memory and sense of direction to navigate to it from then on. Years ago, people made their way through life never needing satellite information to find places let alone their home. Some people cannot find their way home after work without GPS. It’s the same route over and over again. Town roads don’t change. Stop looking at your phone and look at what’s around you.

    This is a clear case where technology advanced well beyond the people using it. Maybe we should have a test to have GPS clearance. You can’t have GPS until you can find your way around without it FIRST!

They are putting a lot of Faith in people and things they don’t know. What if they decide to change where everything is listed as being one day? What if it gets hacked? What if your phone dies? You’ll be stuck at the last place they led you to or hoping someone like me comes along to lead you. 

   Wake up and learn how to navigate through life. You’ll appreciate being able to lead yourself home and to work more than you will ever know. Just think of everywhere else you might be able to go. There is no GPS that will lead you to Heaven. Just saying.


     AHHH the Bluetooth technology. Everything electronic now usually has Bluetooth capabilities. This means it can all be linked together wirelessly. Sounds like a great idea "I don’t need wires to hook all this stuff up anymore. GEAT!” For the most part it is great, or at least more functional.

    You can have a soundbar outside playing music while you grill, that’s playing music from your computer in the bedroom, while you watch a TV that’s playing something else. This is like ADHD Heaven, for the rest of us it can get a little much.

   In my house at one point, I had: 2 TV’S, A computer, an Xbox, 2 soundbars, a laptop, a phone, a tablet, Alexa, and a few other things all Blue toothed together. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Then I finally configured everything including the lights to voice control.

    It was pretty cool to come home from work and just say “lights”, and they came on. Then “TV”, and it came on, then “Xbox”, and I could sit back and take out my frustrations with a world I didn’t belong in on a game against people who never venture into the madness I was trying to make a life in. A life I am proud to say I was released from when I met someone who made me want to build a better one, there is no going back now. Thank you, Jesus, for putting her in my life when you did.

    After one very frustrating night I got home late and went into my usual routine. Then I uttered something at the game I was playing, and another TV came on, in my attempt to shut it off the lights went out. My frustration built and I kept talking. Before long everything in my house was on and out of my control. 

    The volume was too high for anything to hear my voice and it was completely dark. The volume on my stuff outside was blaring too. The little quiet neighborhood was getting a full blast of some song I liked, which apparently, they did not.

    The next thing I knew I was hearing a very loud pounding on the door. I finally stumbled to it and opened the door to a very amused police officer, who had heard me trying to regain control over my terminator dwelling. 

     He was kind enough to use his flashlight so I could find the remote and regain control over the technology that was trying to destroy me. I know it really wasn’t trying to destroy me, but at the moment it seemed like it.

    After that I locked voice control off of everything and have not used it since. I still have things linked wirelessly but I apparently don’t have enough control over what I say all the time to allow for things to be controlled by it. I am not ready for the Star Trek version of houses yet. Maybe one day. 

    This is how things can quickly escalate beyond us.


     I had no idea that technology had crept into everything we do. One of the places I didn’t think there was any reason for much of it was hunting.

    I’m not a hunter, I have not done much of it, I have been a couple of times. We went out in the woods, tried to walk quietly, which is a problem for me, and looked for deer. We didn’t find any. Probably because I am too noisy, but I’m a fisherman not a stealthy woodman. I don't think technology could improve our chances of a hunt. Then I wrote a binocular guide and low and behold if I didn’t learn a lot about the technology they have for hunting.

  Range finders, so you don't have to guess how far away it is, scopes that automatically sight in for that distance and windage, yes they can tell the wind speed. Then the coup de gras. You and all of the people hunting with you are GPS and Blutoothed together and a computer will scan to see who has the best shot and whatever it is. Then it will sight in your scope and tell you when to shoot. 


    I don’t know that much about hunting but the hunters that I do know would be insulted by having to use this stuff.It’s like some bad version of a video game. You don’t even have to actually see the animal yourself. The satellites and computers do all that for you.

   I might not hunt but I do spend time outdoors. People who need this level of technology to hunt should probably not have guns in the first place. What if the satellite mistakes me for some animal? Then I have a group of techno pseudo hunters all aiming at me.

   Seriously, this is scary tech, not helpful tech. Hunting is definitely a place where skill is required. If you have weapons that can kill things, you need to have the skills to use them, not technology to tell you how. I’m not against guns or hunting but I am pro at knowing how to use them and how to hunt. Common sense is not something technology should replace. Faith isn’t something technology should replace either but things like this make me wonder how much faith people will eventually put into tech. 


   Once upon a time people met in person. They talked to people they met. They got to know one another. If they liked each other, they formed relationships. If they didn’t, they moved on to find ones they did. It was the way of things. People had friends, they fell in love, they got married, they had lives that involved others like them. They met at places they liked in common. It lasted for thousands of years like this. Then social media came out and everything changed.

    Instead of meeting people in person people started meeting online. Then after talking and thinking they were getting to know each other they would meet in person. As long as everyone is honest and genuine this is fine. That’s the problem: A lot of people on this site are not genuine or honest. They hide behind false profiles and names to lure in the people they don’t like so they can mistreat them. They are predators and toxic. That's why they can't function in the real world. That’s why they can’t be honest or genuine about who they are. 

    A lot of it is also marketing. People make posts to make you think and feel a certain way to get you to respond a certain way. It can be good or bad and it’s not regulated very much. Ethics has been overshadowed by profit. 

    This could be a great way for the right people to reach out to people who actually are looking for the right people but only if we keep our blinders on. Un-market your Mind / How To | Catch More! 

 If good people were more active and the bad ones were actually prosecuted it might be a good tool for communication. Unfortunately, it needs a lot of work to get to that point. I am one who does not mind trying to be a light on social media. There aren’t a lot of us but eventually the good guys do win. If you are good, I hope you join the fight to bring light into the world instead of giving into the darkness. No one puts a lampshade over a candle. Let your light shine!

    As a simple rule though, don’t get involved with people you don't know in person and even then, be cautious on social media. It’s not always who they say they are, Unethical and toxic hackers are out there. God has a plan, keep faith in that. Oh, and speak to people in person. Walk away from the ones you don’t want to know, do it politely, cling to the ones like you and want you in their lives, God will bring you to the right ones however he has to do it.


    These are the words that either bring shivers to people or they jump for joy. Artificial Intelligence.

    Computers are a form of artificial intelligence. We created them to solve problems for us. They started out as big calculators that pretty much only did math. They were ginormous, used a lot of electricity and were not that practical. They have since evolved into the things we have now, and they have gotten a lot smarter along the way.

    Everything we have now is SMART. TV’s, Phones, cars, houses, appliances. Everything is made to make our lives easier. Some of them do. Some well, time will tell. At the heart of it is an underlying question most people don’t really want to talk about.

   What happens when the artificial intelligence we make gets smarter than us and starts making things of its own?

    Processors get smaller all the time. Memory chips get better every version. Computers started out as binary and now are quantum. I won’t tell you what all that means because I don’t really understand all of it myself. I do understand this: Some breakthroughs in tech have taken us leap years beyond what people thought we could do just a couple of years ago.

    Man's reach is exceeding his grasp and it is happening exponentially now. Nano tech- technology on a microscopic level is being made and improved on. Technology that learns is being used and learning as we speak. Robotics have become commonplace in some fields and what they can do is astounding.

 There is a difference in intelligence and wisdom. Without wisdom to guide us, intelligence can be dangerous. It can make our lives better or make us obsolete. Not everything needs to be improved upon. Some things are the way they are because they need to be that way. Look at matchmaking apps. They make perfect matches based on profiles of likes and don't like. The human equation has been completely removed. I’m not saying they can’t work but so did the old way people just stopped communicating with people directly. They do it virtually now.

    Don’t believe me when I go to a restaurant and see how many people are sitting at a table with other people and looking at their phone to talk to people who aren’t with them. I thought it was funny the first time I saw it, then I realized how serious it was.

     Social media has made people anti-social. GPS has made them lost all the time, Bluetooth can link you into a nightmare, and artificial intelligence has the potential to make us even more unwise than we have ever been. 

     Technology can improve our lives if used right. It cannot replace faith. It can’t replace being connected to people; it can’t replace a sense of direction. It cannot replace hard work. It cannot replace creativity. It cannot replace LOVE. It cannot replace LIFE! 

    God has a plan and when we stray from its things get worse not better. Keep your faith in him, not tech and hopefully we can avoid the terminator movie actually happening. 

Live by Faith, Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans