Social Media for Good

    Let’s use our imagination for a moment. Pretend that somehow a bible gets dropped out of a plane, the reason isn’t important. It’s found by a person who is not a Christian but can read the language it is written in. The person reads it and something amazing happens. He accepts Jesus and starts trying to live by the scripture. Is that person a Christian? Is that person part of our family?

    Personally, I think yes. The only requirement for acceptance is acceptance. What makes us all born again is the same in all of our different denominations. The differences in interpretation come in later. 

     Would that person be a Catholic? Probably not. They might come to the same interpretation as Catholics but would have no knowledge of what being a Catholic is any more than they would know what being a Lutheran or Baptist is, but they would still be a Christian in my view.

     The other question I have is if the Apostles had the internet would they have used it to spread the Gospel?

    Once again, I think YES. Paul wrote letters to a lot of the different cities where the Church was growing. In that time, it was the fastest way to spread knowledge without actually having to go there yourself.


     Let us consider how to spur one another on to love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

More presence by the right people

“Go and make disciples of all the nations.”


    Social media doesn’t have to be a place where only bad people get to post whatever they want. Christians are allowed to use it too and they should be. We need the right people on social media posting true information and weeding out the wrong info.

    All evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing. It’s true. Sitting back and waiting for it to change might not be the way. Actively participating in bringing the world into the light would be a much better way.

  Bringing people into the light is an active pursuit. We don’t have to go on an all-out attack against them, but we do need to show people our lights. No one puts a lampshade over a candle. We can post the right message and show people what living a Christian life looks like. 

    There’s plenty of people misleading them already. Not just on social media, it’s everywhere. Our world is ruled by darkness until he comes to establish his Kingdom on Earth. If we sit back and do nothing, is that being Christian? Our world is an ever-changing place and the way we show our light has to change with it if we want to bring others out of the darkness. Let our lights shine. Evil has to walk in the shadows, not us. 

    You know what happens if we don’t do anything; Nothing. You know what happens if we try, maybe a miracle, others might come into the light, who knows. God doesn’t have limits to what he can do but we have to do our part too

    It’s not that hard to be a light on the internet. It is difficult to remain a light on the internet. Our enemies don’t like being shown for what they are and will usually attack us for what we are: Christians. 

Stronger together

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.  2 Timothy 1:7


    As Christians we are a family. The Church Jesus preached of wasn’t a building but the people. People brought together by Jesus’ sacrifice and made family by him.        

   This gets a little confusing with all the different denominations out there, but I like to think that at the heart of it we all follow Jesus, we just follow in different ways on some things. None of us are perfect anyway so I don’t really understand the argument over who has a perfect interpretation of scripture. It starts looking like politics at a point, but I’m not a religious scholar and I’m sure a lot of scholars know more about it than me. There is one thing I do know though, “We are stronger together than divided.”

  Families usually have disagreements on things but at the end of the day they are family and should have each other's backs. It doesn’t always work this way in the places we are raised but the blood that makes us a family is different. It’s sacred. Pure. Free of sin. Better than any of us will ever be until we are in Heaven. This is the example we have been given and what we are all striving to be more like.

    Social media is a place where we ABSOLUTELY should be united as a family. This is a great opportunity for us to let our lights shine and our good works be known. If we support each other in those works instead of letting someone be attacked on all sides alone things might start happening in ways, we can’t imagine.

   Our enemy wants us to be divided because it makes us easier to attack. It doesn’t mean they can win but it does make things easier for them to get out the wrong message. All they have to do is keep strife going between us and they can keep doing what they want. Living in darkness.

    I live in a world where God has no limits to what he can do. If he wants us little Christians to post a good Christian message on social media to let our lights shine and point the way to him then we should do it. It doesn’t take that much time, but it might be read by one person who needs to see it. Then that person might post more too. It “could” have a chain reaction of bringing light to the world.

Wear blinders

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1


    Unfortunately, our enemy has a head start on mass media. There are already tons of people trying to bring others into the darkness on the internet. They have no morals, they have no faith, they have no restraints on what and how they do things. They seem to go out of their way to make theirs and others lives a living hell. Don’t be fooled, they are good at what they do. Some of the most corrupt ones are hiding behind a positive online persona. You have to have your blinders on and be cautious.

    This is where us being united as Christians makes it easier for us and harder for them. We have to have trust in each other to help others from being dragged into the darkness. You can use filters for some of it, but they will find a way. Eventually their true colors come through. Hopefully they'll be greeted by a wall of resistance. A wall of Christians.

The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. Philippians 1:18 

   Paul said he liked those who spoke Gospel even if it was for the wrong reasons because it still got the gospel out there. Yes, there are people preaching the gospel for the wrong reasons today. Personally, I don’t think God blesses us with money so we can live in mansions when there are people who are starving and homeless. They’ll have to explain it to Jesus one day, it’s not for me to decide. I don’t pray for millions of dollars or fame.

   These people are some of the most social media savvy people out there. They have marketing teams, finance and investment departments, and everything professional. How could we compete with that?

   Easy, we don’t.

   Stand firm on the word of God and keep shining our lights. People are usually revealed for who they really are.  We don’t need to get caught up in their descent or fall from grace. We keep our blinders on and look out for each other the way a family is supposed to. 

   You don’t even have to look at what others are posting to post something from the Bible. It gets the message out and keeps you from having to look into the face of the darkness. We are all called by the degree of faith which he gives us. If you are uncomfortable in seeing what some people want others to see, then don’t look. I block a lot of people from my accounts too.

     Let your light shine in a single post and then go about letting it shine in other ways. We are all part of the body but are different parts of it. It takes all of us.

    Never underestimate what a small gesture with the right intentions can do for the world. It might only change one life, but you don’t know what that one life will change. God works in mysterious ways, and he has no limits in his mercy or imagination.

    I’m not a preacher or religious leader or biblical scholar. I know more about fishing and the outdoors than I do scripture. I am not perfect, I make mistakes. I pray for forgiveness. I am grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with. I also try to do what he puts on my heart to do as he reveals it to me. He made me a writer by vocation, so I write. I hope it brings glory to him. I hope it encourages some or makes some think about things in a way they have not thought of. I ask questions. I ask a lot of questions, almost as much as I ask for forgiveness and guidance. I’m learning and don’t see a time where I am not.

     I also post on social media to try and bring others to him. 

     There are a lot of people being misled online. Our enemy comes up with new ways of deceiving people all the time. Our job is to be a light in the darkness. 


   We all remember the pandemic. The thing none of us thought could happen, did. The world for the most part was CLOSED. People were no longer allowed to gather in groups for a while. The impact on Christians lives and fellowship came without a warning.

   I don’t think social media is a replacement for gathering with others and worshiping and learning about the Gospel and being better Christians. People are supposed to be around other people. Being locked away from others, like us, is unhealthy

   Did it destroy the Church? 


    This brought a lot of people and fellowship to new online areas for worship and fellowship. It was supposed to be a temporary solution but has seen a longer stay than expected. I think it’s still a good thing. We have to adapt as the world around us changes.

    People are still hearing the word and gathering. Then when they are ready to venture out, they are making the jump to active participation in their community. So, I think this should be embraced not as a substitute but as a supplement.

    Some people also have job responsibilities that don’t allow for them to be there every Sunday. Some people move a lot and can’t commit to anything long term anywhere. Home is not a permanent place for them, yet. I am one who is still looking for HOME. Having an online Christian presence allows us to still learn and grow in faith.

  It might not be the way some people think it should be but what is in the world we live in. As far as I know Christ has not returned to establish His Kingdom yet and we have to make do with what we have. If online church service helps some people remain in the faith, I don’t see it as a bad thing but one that has a lot of positives to it. I live in a world where God has no limits. Usually, the limits to what he can do are imposed by us and what we think He can do or how He will do it. If He wants Bibles to fall from the sky to people, he thinks need the Gospel he’ll find a way to get it to them.


     The bible that drops from the sky might be the testimony or scripture you post for others to see. God wants us to be brave and be like a family and to be lights in the world. Social media is one way we can let our lights shine on the path to bring others out of the darkness. You never know what one small thing can lead to. He works in mysterious ways.

    We never know, until we try. If we get it wrong, ask for forgiveness and try again. Only God knows when it ends. Until then all we can do is keep trying, keep praying, keep living by faith, keep learning, and living in the light. People are on social media looking for things already, maybe we should give them something positive to find that will give them more than they thought they needed: a way out of the darkness or encouragement to stay in the light.


 Let us consider how to spur one another on to love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans