God is a Fisherman

      Mathew 4:19 says: New International Version

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” 

    I am a fisherman and I understand the concept of fishing quite well. I just didn’t see how God was going to make me into a fisher of people. How could God take all my experiences, good and bad, and all the things he blessed me with to work in his plan? Then it clicked,

   "I wasn’t going to be the fisherman; I was the tackle."

   The fisherman gets credit for catching the fish, and the glory always goes to God. So, God is doing the fishing through me. Then it started making sense and felt like it was something I could do.

We are the tackle

    God has a plan and a place in that plan for each of us. Being people though it can be hard letting go of what we think we should be. I tried quite a few different careers before I finally settled on one.

    I did a very brief period in construction. Jesus was a carpenter so what’s wrong with that, I thought. The whole time I tried doing it things weren’t working out. I knew it wasn’t what made me happy but kept telling myself, “This isn’t life, this is what lets me have the life I want.” A house, a family, not worrying about finances, the usual things we think we want to have a happy life. But I was miserable. That wasn’t where God intended me to be. Plus, I've never exactly been a suburb person anyway. God was always telling me he had a different plan in mind,

[ "I just wasn't listening to HIM yet." ]

    Then I tried being a chef. I enjoy cooking and sharing good food with people I care about so maybe that’s what God wants me to be. I could not have been more wrong about that one either. The hours were horrible, hardly any Christians were there, you never see anybody else except the people you work with, and almost all of them want you to work weekends, including Sunday and every holiday. Once again, I was miserable.

    So, after only a few months I turned in my chef's coat and called the quits on that career. This led to a big hole in what I thought I should do and be. It also left me with a lot of time on my hands to think.

   I’m not exactly someone who likes doing nothing. I feel like I should be working toward something at all times. Like there was a certain point I had to get to before I could rest. Thankfully, God had another idea he was prepping me for.

  So, with all the time on my hands I started writing. I had written a lot when I was younger but didn’t really see it as something I could do for a career.

    I’m also a musician and there are a lot of unemployed musicians out there. It’s definitely not something I wanted to pursue for a career. I assumed writing would be the same. Then I looked into it. Really looked into it. 

    Turns out there are plenty of ways to have a career as a writer. There’s also plenty of free classes on it as well. So, I dove headfirst into writing and blogging. It wasn’t long before I discovered copywriting, blogging, and marketing. I LOVED IT!

   I was finally doing something I loved and felt like it’s what God wanted me to do. It also lets me use some other things I also really love. Fishing and the outdoors. I eventually started an outdoor blog and started sharing the articles and stories I was writing.

    But God wasn't quite done with me yet. He was bringing all my skills and experience together for a purpose. He was making me a fisher of people. He was making me into tackle for his fishing trips.

    It’s not my job to bring people to me, I’m bringing people to him. Just like a fisherman uses tackle to bring in fish. The fisherman gets the glory not the lure.

"God did all this, I just finally trusted him enough to do it."

He makes a lot of casts

    Everybody knows that it’s not called catching for a reason. We make a lot of casts and don’t get any bites. It's not guaranteed. There’s a lot going on with the fish we don’t see or know about. All we can do is present our bait the best we can and hope the fish decides to bite. Then, maybe, we’ll land it. 

    The same thing is Going on with God and people. He makes a lot of casts and sometimes gets a bite. Even fewer come in the boat. He gave us free will and we have to make a choice to bite/ choose life with him. We can follow him and his plan or stick to ours. His plans are usually a lot better though,

mine usually made me miserable and felt like I was leaving something out.

   It can be scary to be pulled out of your routine and comfort zone when you go into something we are not sure of. People don’t usually like letting go of the control they think they have over their world. I kept trying to figure out "What am I supposed to be doing." 

   It was a false sense of control. Most people take a while to finally realize that what is making them so miserable is themselves. Some people don’t give into God until they’ve exhausted every other option there is. People can be stubborn. Luckily God is forgiving and even more determined than we can be. 

  Sometimes we get a bite but lose the fish. People get spooked easy because of all the people out there who are misleading them. After a while they stop biting/they stop trusting anything. They get interested but their defense mechanisms kick in and they are out. But a good fisherman knows how to land these. God is a GREAT FISHERMAN.

   Patience and finesse land the ones who have been spooked. If anything, God is patient and understanding. Eventually he gets them in the boat and back into the safety of his personal lake. That’s how I like to think about it anyway. 

     So, our heavenly father really does have a plan at work. He has a way to use each and every one of us in that plan. It might not be the way you think it will be but if you let go and trust him it will work out. It might not be easy, and the tests are, well, mine was hard but I was hardheaded, maybe yours will be easy.

    My life has never been better since I started completely trusting him and stopped trying to make my life into what I thought it should be. I stopped trying to be the fisherman and learned to be the tackle. You know what, it worked. I love what I do and am doing good in the world according to his plan. 

    We should all be very grateful that Jesus died for our sins. If he hadn’t

"None of us would be worth catching."

I know I wouldn’t have been. I’m so grateful God saw something in me that he could use.

   It wasn’t what I thought it would be, it’s a whole lot better.

Thank you, Jesus! Keep casting me.