Everyone has seen the beautiful pictures of boats on the water. Serene, beautiful, peaceful. The way we wish life was all the time. But not everyone has a boat. Either because of money or complications it's not something they can do. But almost everyone can get a kayak. All those worries stay on land, and you can just drift away, for a little while, in a kayak.

History of Kayak

     Kayaks go back to prehistory. They were used by native peoples in the far northern hemisphere. Mainly around the arctic circle. 

    They were used for hunting and fishing. Designed to be light and maneuverable. And they were made from animal skins and wood frames.

   Most, like now, were made for one person, but 2 and occasionally 3 person kayaks were made. Just like now. 

Modern Kayak

     Kayaks have evolved through the years with the invention of better materials and different uses. Like the kayaks you see charging the rapids on melted snow rivers in the mountains. These are usually made of fiberglass or very hard and durable plastics. Some higher end kayaks are made from carbon fiber or even carbon Kevlar. And who wouldn't need a bullet proof kayak right.

     They also have inflatable kayaks now. Made from very durable pvc and other synthetics. Don't get the wrong idea. These are not the inflatables you float around on in a pool. There tough, durable, and can last quite a while with proper care.

    Modern kayaks also have tons of upgrades and extras you can get too. Everything from rod holders on fishing kayaks to a quick sail for those wanting to lazily sail around. It mainly just depends on your budget.

Why Kayak

     So, let's be honest boats can be expensive. Well, they ARE expensive. You have the cost of the boat. Then there's insurance. Registration. Maintenance, of your time and the people you pay to fix the whatever's. If you haven't owned a boat before, whatever's happen a lot. And they are not cheap. 

    You either have to have a place to moor the boat all the time, which is another expense, or you have to launch it every time. And it get's old real quick. 

    You wont ever get to use it as much as you think you will, especially not as much as you want too. This is were kayaks come in.

     For starters you can get a really good inflatable kayak for less than 200 dollars. I promise you won't ever find a boat that floats for that cheap. 

     Thay are also incredibly portable. You don't even have to own a truck. You can strap one on the top of your car. The inflatable ones fold up and you can just toss it on the back seat.

     There's no registration or insurance needed. Or gas. OOOhhhhhh. Now a days that's a big incentive. With gas prices rising, every boat trip costs more and more. Paddling is free. So is wind. The sails are really inexpensive too.    

      Paddling is also great exercise. Really great exercise. Your arms and back will thank you for getting out and having fun in the kayak. It also hits a lot of those little muscles you can't seem to work out with weights. It's good for you though.

     But the number one reason to go kayaking is easy. It's fun. Good healthy fun. Who doesn't need more of that?  Being out in nature, on the water, with the sun shining on you and a cool breeze. You can also stop and go swimming if you want, or fish, or put up the sail and gently cruise. Fun, the way God intended. Yes, God wants us to have fun. He knows we can't work all the time. We'll break. Even he took one day off to rest. So, should you, in a kayak.    

        So why kayak? Why not kayak? You seriously can't go wrong. There's a kayak for any budget. For families or individuals. For anything from shooting the rapids on the river to casually sailing around. You can do it, in a kayak. You can thank me later. Till then, just go.