Kites are Dangerous?

While Fishing

    I do a lot of fishing. This brings me to places that are sometimes inhabited by others who are there for other reasons. Kayakers and rafters come by some of the places I fish. Hikers and bird watchers inhabit other places. Boaters, floaters, and just all-around enthusiasts are scattered amongst the wild places of the world, and they are all looking for their little part of the world God created that makes them feel HOME.

    Our paths cross, we say our little greetings, and then are on our way. I usually don’t have a lot of conversations with them. They are passerby's and I am too from their perspective. We are all out there for our individual reasons and not usually to socialize.

    We aren’t being rude. Most of us are usually pretty polite and do actually speak to each other. We just aren't there to meet people. It's usually the other way around. We are trying to NOT be around many people.

   I have had several occasions where someone was either fishing near the spot I chose or there to do something else. In these times conversations sometimes happen but it’s usually about the activity we are participating in.

What did you catch?

What did you catch it on?

Seen any more?


   This is usually a joke. There are no bears where I usually fish. At least none I have seen. I’ve had some fishing days where I didn’t see any fish either but I’m sure they were there just uninterested in my lure. Ignorance is bliss they say, and I think it applies to more than they realize.

(I have no idea what some people are posting about on social media, and I'm thankful for it.)

    One afternoon some people had thought it would be a good idea to fly kites near the shore. There was a pretty good steady breeze and some already had there's in the air.

   I don’t know that much about kite flying so I couldn’t tell you if it really was a good day for it or not. To me if it stays up, it’s good. I’m not an expert in their field.

    Unlike Birders who are generally “SILENT”, (that’s another story,) Kite flyers seem to like to talk while they fly kites. These people did anyway. This was the first time I had been around them. I knew kids did this, but these were semi-adultish looking people.

     I wasn’t paying much attention to what they were saying but occasionally I would understand some of it.

 In case you don't know, this means I was not catching anything. Fish were not biting but kites were flying. I might have picked the wrong activity that day, but it worked out later, just not in the way I expected. I love not knowing what is going to happen.

    It was the usual talk of people having fun.

"Look at that."

"How did you make it do that?"

"Now what do I do?"

Etc., Etc.

   Then I heard one of the younger ones ask if he could try and the response was so odd it stuck in my brain and made me start watching what they were doing.

   The older one told him:

“No, Kites are dangerous."

Did he Really Say?

    I had no idea kites were dangerous. Neither did anybody else who heard the statement. Those of us who were there fishing decided we might want to stop fishing and see what was going with these dangerous kites flying above us.

     Just to be on the safe side.

   I couldn’t see anything dangerous about it, but I also didn’t think fly fishing was dangerous until I got a hook in me. I guess anything could be dangerous. The "probably won't but could happens" happen all the time.

    Maybe I’ll learn something today. I try to everyday, it's not always what I expect but is always worth learning.

    The younger one didn’t look like he believed it either. He kind of scoffed and made a few comments we couldn’t hear and then walked back and took a seat on a rock with that look of frustration most younger people get when they are told they aren't old enough to know.

   After a while the wind shifted and died down for a little bit and the older one's kite came down.

    He wound up the string and waited for the wind to come back before he did anything else.

   Once the breeze came back, he started running and letting out a little line as he went.

   He was looking back over his shoulder as he ran down the beach to make sure the kite was taking off.

   He kept letting out line and running down the beach.

   I don’t know when you have enough line out to keep it airborne without running but he ran for quite a way. Well past the place he had in his head. He wasn’t where he thought he was anymore. He was about to run out of sand and get to the rocks. He just never stopped looking at the kite.

    We kept watching and kept quiet. For all we knew this is what he was trying to do. He was the one who said it was dangerous. Surely, he is paying attention to what he's doing.

   He was paying attention but only to the kite and what was behind him. This is how accidents happen. People not paying attention to what is in front of them. Nobody runs into something that is already behind them. The only things that can run into you if they are behind you are things that are moving toward you. 

   Then just as we all predicted he hit a rock with one of his feet and the other one caught the back of his leg.

   He fell headfirst into another rock and then rolled over a couple more before coming to a brutal stop. It looked painful but not fatal. A damaged ego was all we thought he might have.

   As he tried to figure out what had just happened, and if he was really hurt, an obstacle he had forgotten about in his recklessness was about to remind him what he was doing.

    The kite, that he had said was so dangerous, came flying straight down and right at him. Maybe he hadn't been running with the kite so much as he had been running from it. He did say they were dangerous.

   It looked like it was picking up speed, maybe gravity was helping it out. Gravity is not your friend. I don't care what activity you are doing; gravity is not working with you.

    We all saw what was about to happen. He didn’t.

 He was in the process of lifting himself up when it nailed him right in the forehead. It was like a moment frozen in time for a second. 

   He was half raised up with a kite sticking out of his forehead. He didn’t move. At all.

     It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

   I didn’t know if I should run to check on him or fall down laughing.

    I set down my rod and started to ease in his direction. Then he finally made a movement and a few sounds.

   By the time I got to him he was on his feet but had one hand on his knee and the other on his forehead where the kite took its revenge for being called dangerous.

    He had sand and mud all over him. He was bruised in quite a few places and had a small indenture on his forehead where the kite left its signature.

    He was also smiling and shaking his head

   “I can’t believe that just happened”

   “I cannot believe that just happened.”

    The younger one looked like he was still confused on how to react as well. He would look concerned for a second. Then it would look like he was about to laugh. Then astonishment because what he had been told was actually true and had actually happened.

   Then he said it

“Kites ARE dangerous.”

 The older one quickly corrected him on this.

“No kites aren’t dangerous, not paying attention to what you are doing, or where you’re going is. I was kidding when I told you that”

    After that he let the younger one have a turn while he licked his wounds on the sidelines. Laughter is usually the best way to heal a broken ego. 

    The younger one did great. The entire time he was running with it to get it off the ground he looked straight forward.

   I don’t know if he will keep doing it that way. Probably not. When we get comfortable with things, we usually forget to be cautious until we are reminded of the dangers again.

   The older one will ALWAYS LOOK WHERE HE IS GOING FROM NOW ON. If for no other reason than to avoid the embarrassment of an accident happening again.

   All of us who witnessed it will never forget it either. 

   I guess Kites CAN be dangerous. Who knew?

   Seek and you shall find. He did say they were dangerous. 

The Lord works in mysterious ways, but He is always watching and listening, and can use any situation to teach us a lesson.

    I still think He chuckles sometimes at us and gives us plenty of reminders of why we need Him. If you are paying attention anyway.

Eyes forward always.



Live by FAITH. Love the Outdoors. Life is out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans