Intex Challenger K2

  The Intex Challenger K2 is one of the best Kayaks to start with. For the price it might be the best.

   Comes with air pump, 2 paddles, a dry bag, and patch kit. It holds up to 400 lbs. The front and back decks can hold extra gear under the cargo net cover.

     The seats are inflatable, movable, and replaceable too. 

     Made from tough and durable PVC. Which is great for anything a beginner is going to come across. It will probably handle more than a beginner would be comfortable trying.

   Great for fishing or just paddling around. One of the best buys around. This inflatable will defiantly get you there without breaking the budget.


The Outsunny inflatable kayak. Comes with 2 paddles, air pump, and a patch kit. It can hold up to 400 lbs. 

   This a great deal. It's got lots of room and is very durable. Which means good for fishing. 

   It's got splash guards on front and back, so a little chop isn't going to soak you. It will handle pretty choppy waves just don't overdo it. 

     The seats are inflatable. Adjustable, Removable. They offer very good support by themselves, but replacements are available. 

   Instead of a skeg on the bottom it's hull is designed to keep you going straight. This multi chambered hull is also designed so that if one section gets a leak, the others will keep you afloat.

     So, for fishing, paddling, or getting to the camp site the Outsunny is a great buy. Especially for its moderate price.

Explorer K2

    The Explorer K2 Inflatable kayak. Made of durable vinyl. Can hold up to a 400 lbs. load. Probably a little more but the performance might not be as good.

Comes with aluminum paddles and an air pump. The handheld pump can be swapped for an electric. Keep the hand pump for that just in case moment.

   The seats are inflatable and adjustable. So, you can change the back support as you need to. They are also removable. If you don't like the way they sit, you can replace them with ones that fit you and your back. They also make covers for the seats too. All of which are under 20 dollars.

    Great kayak to start out with. For lazy days on the water, or for fishing. As long as the waters not too rough. 

    It has a removable skeg on the bottom to help keep you going straight.

    All in all, this is a great kayak for beginners, Or anyone on a budget.  153.00 is a great price for the fun you'll have with this one.

 Intex Excursion Pro  

  The Intex Excursion Pro2. This one is amazing. It's made of durable vinyl with a polyester core. Very tough. Can hold up to 500 lbs. Plenty of extra gear or fish.

   It comes with an air pump, 2 paddles, removable seats. 2 fishing rod holders. 2 footrests.  You can even mount a sail in the front floorboard.

     It also has 2 removable skegs. One for deep water and one for shallow.

  So, whatever your plans on the water are, this inflatable kayak will handle it. Fishing, camping, running the river. It will do it all and do it quite well. For the costs it's amazing. You'll be using this one years from now.


Sea Eagle

The Sea Eagle 3 person inflatable. This is it. Not just 2 but 3 seats. Great for a family outing. Oh, and it holds 650 lbs. 

   Capable of handling class 3 rapids or anything else you want to do. Comes with 2 sets of paddles, an air pump, patch kit, and a dry bag.

 Has 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking.

The seats are inflatable and work really well. Or you can replace them with deluxe vinyl seats. The deluxe have storage pouches on the back for even more storage.

    Sea Eagle makes a sail that's mountable in the front. So, if you feel like lazily gliding with the wind, raise the sail.

     With all the features and seating, you will never be disappointed with this kayak. Be it lazily on the breeze or shooting the rapids, you'l love the Sea Eagle 3 person inflatable.