Had a bad day at work? We all have. Had a bad day fishing? Well, Sure. Compared to a bad day at work which would you choose? Exactly. My worst day fishing was a hundred times better than my best day at work. Unless you're one of the lucky few whose work is fishing, and that's a different article all together, mostly about how you won.  For the rest of the world though, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

1.It's Exciting

    As fisher people and lovers of the outdoors, we all know that feeling you get when something takes the bait. That sudden rush of adrenaline. The surge into the zone.

That place where thinking takes a back seat to just doing.

   It goes back to those caveman instincts and the thrill of the hunt. The primal side of us that says

"Yes, Me get food! Now me need fire!"

   Most people DO NOT feel that at work. Usually if you feel an adrenaline rush at work something has gone wrong. That's the "I can't believe I did that" moment. In which case it probably won' be your job for long. Maybe that's a good thing. A fight they can't win   will explain more about that.

   This isn't the exciting I'm talking about. The exciting I'm talking about comes from doing it right. The moment you realize Oh my gosh, It WORKED! despite it all, it worked. With everything stacked against us, it worked. This is the good kind of exciting. The exciting we can be a little proud of.  Just enjoy it while you can. It's not called catching for a reason. The outdoors is rarely in our favor. But that's part of what makes it soooo exciting. 

2.Teaches life lessons

   We also learn that no matter how much we plan, prepare, calculate, and execute, we don't always catch . . . ANYTHING! You won't win EVERYTIME. It's not called catching for a reason.

   The world has its own agenda. It doesn't always include us catching "this fish" on "that day". Natures cycles are a bit bigger than ours. But if your patient, eventually, you will catch one.

    Patience is a skill that's being lost. Our instant info world teaches people not to wait for things. Click this button and get your instant reward. Fishing does not work that way.

   Even when you hook one, it's not yours till it's in the cooler.  I've lost a few even after I got it 'em to the cooler. Be thankful for the experience. Something enjoyed that fish. I guess they needed it more than me. 

     Usually, it's the loss that teaches us the most. A new way of doing things, being determined, grateful for the wins, staying positive. These are all learned from fishing, not so much catching. But God has a reason for that. It keeps us humble and learning. And learning, and learning. I honestly don't see a day where I don't have anything else to learn and I am thankful for that. Who wants to go through the rest of life already knowing everything?

     I don't think I will ever understand everything about women either. Well in my case one woman, when I meet her. But I am looking forward to that too. Fishing taught me to be grateful even when I'm wrong. see Life lessons. I hope she likes the outdoors and maybe fishing sometimes. Fingers crossed.

3. Stress Free Zone

   Fishing is stress free. Fishing should be stress free. If it's not, you're doing it wrong.

    It's supposed to be a stress release. Once I make a cast, or even get near the water, everything else in my life drifts away. All the things I stress over, work, relationships, people, things, are completely out of my mind. Magickly zapped away.

It's wonderful.

It's therapeutic.

And usually it's, mostly free. We could knock out an entire branch of pseudo-medicine just by getting more people to fish and into the outdoors.

  I am trying to.

I would love it if everybody had the love for the outdoors that I do. One day, they will. I'm not stressing over it, and fishing taught me to be determined.

They'll come around. Eventually.

 Think I'm kidding. How many fishermen see psycho- any- gists. NONE! We don't need them. We have stress relievers. Healthy ones. It's called the outdoors. Schedule an appointment today, they are always open.

"You don't even need a prescription."

Just the desire and a choice to go. Problems solved. 

 4.People are meant to be part of the world

    I'm all for tech, I work on a computer, mostly. But people need to get out and learn world and life lessons. Out where the world and life doesn't care about you. Out in the Outdoors.

   Don't get me wrong, the world is a beautiful and amazing creation of God. I would love to see more of it, and I have a list, but out in nature most people now are completely out of there element. This is one thing we are definitely going to change. They'll come around. Eventually.

    Part of the reason we like fishing and the outdoors, is to be PART of the world. It's not just the fish I'm after but the scenery too. Being part of that scene not just watching it. I like being on the water, the bank, the shore, the woods. You can't spend your life entirely on concrete and vinyl. It's bad for the body. It's bad for the soul. People need to be out in nature, out in the wild places, in the outdoors.


5.It's spiritual

   Name one fisherman that doesn't pray to catch one or thank God after they do. Give up. Exactly. Were religious people. In the US that's mostly Christian. It's what I am. But even non-Christians feel a connection to a higher power when fishing.

   And how can you not? Most of the place's we fish and hike and just enjoy the outdoors are like God's artwork. Most artists paint those places we go.

   We don't go to artists houses to fish and look at wildlife.

See, we have the right idea. They'll come around. Eventually. 

    We also know we are not completely in control of that environment. We probably have a lot less control over it than we like to imagine. Is it scary? Most of the time, NO, just make sure you pack for the "probably won't but could happens".

    We still go though.

    Because we have FAITH! Faith that it's worth the effort. Faith that sometimes our effort is rewarded. Maybe not how we want, with a record whatever fish. But rewarded in that we love being there and enjoy doing it. Catching something is just a bonus. 

    We have learned to be determined by the ones we lose. I am very determined. (That means I lose a lot of them in case you didn't get the joke)

     So, fishing good, work bad. Well not exactly. Unless you're one of the lucky few whose work is fishing. Then it's just all good. I'll write another article on how your smarter than the rest of us later.

    These are just 5 of the reasons a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work, and why we need to encourage others to fish and to enjoy the outdoors. Especially the next generation. And those in your generation that haven't joined us yet.

They'll come around. Eventually.

How can they not?

Enjoy the outdoors. Life is out here!

written by Benjamin Evans