Follow up

Follow up

     So, I wrote a blog "Today could be the day". It's about fishing, which is something I love. It's also about being and becoming a Christian. Which I am. I'm not a preacher or minister. I'm just blessed with a lot of faith, and I love to fish. I also like to blog and write. I do, write, a lot, on fishing, and on faith. This is the follow up to it. In case anything wasn't quite understood. Like most things in life, we are always working on making them better. Well, your supposed to anyway. When God created you he wasn't just done.

Do Research

    You can't be or do something unless you know what it is, or how to do it. Being a Christian, and being saved, is no different. Yes, it's easy. But you have to get some basic info first. Ask questions. Ask a lot of questions. Read the bible, read books on the bible, read blogs about it. Talk to a preacher, find a preacher and listen to a sermon. Since Covid most churches have online sermons and services. I'm not going to begin to try and explain all the many branches of Christianity out there. I don't the difference in most of them. Trees have many branches but are still part of the same tree. You have to do research. 

Tackle Box

      The tackle box Iwas relating to is scripture. Anything you need to know about how to handle situations is in there. Any answer you need is in there. 

    You have to have the right gear for the right fish. Or the right verse for the right situation. I stick mainly to the New Testament. As Christians we are no longer under the old covenant. The Old Testament is good. I love the stories and the people, especially Joshua. God said and he did. But with the coming of Jesus a lot of things changed in how we reach salvation. But talk to your minister, preacher, priest for definitive answers on things. I want to lead you to the door and hopefully get you to open it. There are people a lot more educated on what to do next than I am. I'm a Christian and blogger. We use the gifts he gives us according to his need.

Make the choice

   This one hopefully was a little obvious. You have to DECIDE to be a Christian. Choose God or you choose something else. I don't want to know what else. I chose Christian. Was an easy choice for me.  I hope it will be easy for you. I hope it will be easy for everybody. I don't want anybody to spend eternity in hell. But that's a choice they have to make for themselves. I'm just trying to guide them in the right direction. 

    I hope this explained any of it you didn't quite understand. I'm a fisherman and Christian. I use the terminology and references I know to get out a message. Even if making you think about it is all I accomplished I did my part. Getting you to the door. Maybe even turning the knob. I will leave you in much more capable hands then. Welcome to the family.