Diamonds are made from pressure and time. One part of science that might be right. (I think most scientists are asking the wrong questions). 

   People too are affected by pressure and time. Just not always in the way we want. Some people crack. While others just seem to get more and more determined.

    What's the difference in those types of people? That's probably a question worth looking into. Wrong/right role models? Wrong/right encouragement? Lack of faith? Lack of adventure? Not enough time outdoors? 

     Something about some people just refuses to give up. These are the people in those stories you hear about. You know what happens to the ones who give up. Nobody does. They quit. I'm one of the ones who believes it's not over until you quit. Until then, there's a chance I might get a bite. It might be the monster I was looking for. It might not. But if I quit, it defiantly won't be. This snowflake mentality needs to cease.

    We need more of "those" people in the world. Well, the world needs to know about those people more. More focus on what is possible instead of all the negativity. Those people who make history, not read about it. 


 As outdoors people, we are defiantly in the latter category. We BELIEVE we can accomplish just about anything. Catch that, done. Hunt that, easy. Climb that, watch me.

     Too many people now are going to doctors about any and everything. Too reliant on the science. They need more faith in themselves. You don't need someone to talk to. You need people you can trust. Those doctors telling you to just take a pill aren't the ones you need to listen to. The ones telling you "GO OUTSIDE" are the ones.

    Don't get me wrong, at times we need doctors. But not for every little thing. Learn to be self-reliant. Learn to achieve. Learn to get past fear. Yearn for adventure. Learn to say, "Yeah my stomachs a little queasy, but I'll do it anyway." Or the good Ol redneck adage "Hold my beer".


      While I'm on the subject of medicine. There is something else people are too reliant on now. Prescriptions. UUUUGGHHHHHH!!!!

     Ever felt adrenaline. Ever felt scared. Ever felt like giving it everything you have. Ever felt love, and heartbreak. They don't make pills for that. You have to go out and do it. Look for things you might fail miserably at. And do it anyway.

  " You know how many times I cast and don't get a bite. Me either. I only remember the wins. "That's an original saying. It wasn't the warning label on the prescription bottle.

     You know where people would be if they never wondered what's out there. Or things like can I eat this. The first person to eat an oyster was one heck of a risk taker. It looks like bait to me, but he thought it was food. Or was he just that hungry. Doesn't matter, He did it anyway. Or she. Sorry. There's a lot of women out there with an unbreakable spirit too. They're amazing.

 Even the bible says God didn't give us a spirit to be timid, but one of power." Use it.  Faith plays a big part in the will to succeed.  You won't find him either sitting in front of tv. Well. That's another article. For now.

      What this all boils down to is this. You can't measure your will to succeed until you've given it your all. Go out there and see. Go for the peace and quiet. Go for the adventure. Go for new challenges. Go to meet new people. Mostly just go. Go OUTDOORS!