Imagine getting up every morning to go lose at something. You know you're going to lose. So why bother. This seems to be an attitude of a lot of people now days. Not the fishing community. Somewhere in us is an unbreakable sprit that says, "I got this!" 

  We have to have this attitude. We know we are not guaranteed a win. But we also know you have to try, or you never will.

"Can't never could" . "But eventually can will! "

Not called catching

   There's a reason it's called fishing. You aren't guaranteed to catch anything. Even if you do everything right, you still might not catch anything. Somedays they just don't bite. Does this mean it's it time to quit. By no means. Just means we come back again and keep trying.

   I've even lost fish after I had them in the cooler. One wrong slip on the pier and it became diner for crabs. I hope they enjoyed eating it as much as I enjoyed catching it. Free food is the best food they say.

   At some point we realize that it's not just this time that matters. We stop fishing and become fisher people. I's part of who we are. 

It isn't about catching fish anymore; it's about going fishing. Caching something is just a bonus. Once the pressure to catch fish is gone and it's just about enjoying fishing, again, we get that silly look fisher people have right before they tell a story.

. Perma grin.

Willing to try

    In order to get past the "I just want to catch fish "part and get to the "I just want to go fishing part" takes a lot of fishing trips. It takes a lot of trying even though you didn't catch anything but are still willing to go try trips. And try, and try, and try.

    You don't get better at something unless you try. And fishermen do. Not because sometimes we succeed. I've been snake bit for days and days. But because we love being there. There's no such thing as a bad day fishing.

   That's the positive outlook on it. Sometimes I think spite carried me through it. I refuse to give up. I won't be outdone by a fish. These times usually ended with me saying "I'll be back fish. Next time I got you!" And I came  back every time and sometimes I managed to catch one. I think all the times I didn't catch anything is what actually lead me to loving just going fishing. Winning every time doesn't seem to help learn to appreciate it. It usually just makes you over confident. God has ways to break fisher people of this.

It's called snake bit.

  This is when we learn to love fishing instead of catching. God has a plan. God is a fisherperson. We are his people. Though I have to admit I could of sworn I heard him laughing at me on a couple of trips. But that's another story.


Underdog spirit

   Fishermen, whether they know it or not are underdogs. It's stacked against us. Fish don't want to be caught. At least not where I fish. Even after you get one to bite they fight the whole way in. Jumping, thrashing, shaking. They do everything in their power to not be caught. And some of them are really good at not being caught. But we go after them anyway.

   The weather fights against us all the time.  Storms, air pressure, precipitation, freezing wind, rain, lightning, and that's just the normal parts of weather on any given day.

    We die from exposure to the weather. Fish on the other hand just adapt to it. Our enemy is very cunning indeed. The weather not fish. 

  So,  I have limits to my underdogness when it comes to the weather  "I will stay fishing in the rain, but I won't leave the dock in it." Might be a shortcoming on my part, but . . . .

     Everything stacked against us makes us underdogs. Everybody loves the underdog. If your one of those people who loves a sure thing then you definitely need to start fishing before life finds another way to kick your but and teach you to enjoy life.

   You don't get a sense of accomplishment if you know you're going to win. As the underdog we get to feel like we beat the impossible odds of nature. Occasionally, we do. Just listen to our fishing stories. Fishing stories explained

I can do this

    Attitude is everything, they say. A lot of times it's true. You have to believe in yourself or nobody else will. Every time we go, we believe we're going to catch fish. We don't always. We still go. We still believe we can catch fish.  It's called faith. Faith is the belief in something you can't prove.

    I've had plenty of fishing trips that I couldn't "PROVE" to anyone I know what I'm doing.  I still believe I can though. I only really remember the times I caught something. There is no place for doubt in faith or fishing. But occasionally I do have doubts about my abilities. But never while I'm fishing. It usually happens after I come back in. The "I've still got so much to learn moment" looking at the cooler. 

   Then I smile and say "I'll get it. I can do this." I might be in heaven before I can call it catching but eventually "I can do this."

    I do have some good memories of a couple of trips that I caught nothing, the boat broke down, and drifted for a few hours. Everything imaginable went wrong. But I made it back and even managed to turn it into a good memory, or a good learning lesson. I made it back so, "I can do this."

Just make sure you like who you fish with. You never know how long that trip might actually end up being. 

World needs optimists

     So, the world needs us optimists and fisher people. Fisher people need to teach this attitude to a multitude of people in the world now. All those people out there who can't do this or can't do that.

    Take them fishing. Teach them they can. You know what happens if you don't try. NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!

   I like the world. Yes, it needs some work, but We can do it. We can start by bringing more people into fishing. Then, once they've adopted "OUR" way of thinking, they can tackle the big problems. Like 

sshhhh (very quietly)



Enjoy the outdoors. Life is out here!

written by Benjamin Evans