As vacation season is quickly heading this way, you might need to look into something else before you make a reservation. You might want to look into RV'ing. Well, no maybe to it. Look into RV'ing first.

Hotels don't move

     Rv'ing isn't like staying in a hotel. Hotels don't move. You have one scene. All the time. You can leave your room to go out in the scene but you're not really part of it. 

       Rv'ing is different, on many levels. In an RV you stay in the scene. You wake up in it. You sleep in it. You move in it. You are part of it. It becomes part of you. A part you take with you. The memory of this vacation will change your life. And the lives of the people you bring with you on your adventure. It is, an adventure.

Outdoors but. . . 

   It's like staying in the outdoors but different. Maybe even better. You have all the modern amenities of your home, but all of the things we go to the outdoors for.

    Need a shower. Check. Want to swim in a lake. Check. Want to cook on the stove instead of a campfire. Check. A bed instead of a bed roll. Check. Still want to cook on a fire. Check. Sleeping under Heaven's Eaves. Also check.

     If you don't like the view you start with. Move. Drive around to another. See as many as you can. Stay in just one. It's up to you. You don't have that freedom in a hotel. 

Better guests

   Ever stayed somewhere and the other guests were really annoying. That perfect little getaway you've been planning got ruined because someone else's perfect didn't quite match yours. We all have. Unfortunately.

   That won't happen RV'ing. Maybe a noisome squirrel here and there. Mostly they're just cute. Maybe a caribou roadblock. Deer crossing, ducks out early.

"Think of them as your other guests."

They're just a lot more peaceful out here. And they don't mind having their picture taken. You don't even need permission to post them either. 

You'll Be Back

     Here's the thing with the outdoors.

You belong out here.

You do. People were made for the outdoors. Cities are the most illogical thing people ever did. They have things to see and what not. But it's better out here. You'll be back. Oh, you'll be back.

     It's an experience you will talk about for the rest of your life. Then your family will come. Then your friends will too. Luckily, we have room in the outdoors for everyone. We want you out here too. You belong out here. The only thing you'll ask is "Why did it take me this long?"

The cost

    So not everyone can afford to buy an RV. You're in luck. You can rent one. For the cost of what you would spend on a hotel you can rent an RV.

    They come in all sizes and price ranges. So yeah, there is one to fit your budget. Look into it before you go making a reservation. That dream vacation might be in an RV. I promise you this "You won't regret it." Life is outdoors. Start living.

       So go ahead. Take the leap. That leap of faith that brings you back to where you belong. Back to living. Back to the outdoors. You belong out here. It won't take you long to remember. That first night under Heaven's Eaves and you'll feel like your home again. You know what? You will be.

Get back to living, go outdoors!

written by/adds by Benjamin Evans

copywriter/storyteller/content writer