I'm not much of an artist. I can't paint draw or sculpt. I can paint a picture with words or cut and paste but I'm not an artist. Those are all nice forms of art, but I tend to prefer God's art. The world and beyond is his canvas. Takes years to get it just right. Sometimes a moment and it's gone forever. 

    All over the world are there are epic scenes that take your breath away. Catch it at the right time of day and you will be amazed. The arches national park is one of those places. All the colors of the rock. The shapes of the rock. He even framed in some views. He created all this with water over many years just for us to view and be awed by his wonder. He is the master sculptor.


     Sunsets and sunrises are another canvas for the almighty. He paints with brilliant colors across a canvas that goes farther than we can see. Luckily, he made sure every single part of the world got to see this wonder twice a day. 

    Then when the sun goes down his other painting across the sky is visible. The stars and moon come out and you find yourself Under Heavens Eaves. Occasionally he sends a streak across it to let us know he's still got his eye on us down here.

    You probably call them shooting stars, but I like the way I think about them better. That little reminder he is always watching over us. 

     Then there are all the lakes, rivers and oceans of the world. They come in all colors and shapes and sizes. This is like his pallet. It's where he dips his brush when he gets ready to paint some more or just give us a show.

    All those little creatures out in the wilds and around your home are part of the gallery too. Littel ones, big ones, fury ones, funny ones, scary ones, ones above, and ones below. All have their part to play in God's artwork. All of them are amazing and wonderful and should be respected and admired. 


    Wherever you are there are probably examples of this all around you. Sunsets, sunrises, fog over a field, maybe even a waterfall, or just a birdbath at all part of God's artwork.

    It's hard not to notice some of this, unless you're not paying attention. That's why he made some of so big and bold that we couldn't miss it. These are the parts that lead us to the harder to find parts.  

The smile on a baby's face is also another example of God's artwork. It's innocent and unchanged by the world. This is one we should hold on to as long as we can. Innocence is hard to come by in today's world. You can find it if you look for it though.  You'll end up finding what you focus on, so focus on the good. All of God's artwork is Good. All of it.

     Ever see someone do a random act of kindness. You really have to be paying attention for these, but they do happen. By the most unexpected people usually. Sometimes not even by people. Animals helping out people who are hurt, or animals helping their mortal enemy because of an injury. It's amazing. It's divine. It's God intervening. It's all part of God's artwork.

      So, as you go through the day, pay attention. You never know when the master painter is going to light up the sky. Or you can take a trip to see something that lasts. Commit an act of random kindness. Don't wait for God to do the work. Be the canvas. Be God's artwork. The world will thank you for it. 

                         written by Benjamin Evans