It Blew Me Away 

  I am all about but cannot be seen. I have no voice but can be heard. I can be felt but cannot be touched. What am I?

I am the wind.

Carry us around the world

   A very. Very long time ago somebody saw things getting blown around by the wind and had an idea. “What if I could get the wind to push my boat around like that? “ And sailing was born.

    Well it might not have happened exactly like that. But that’s how I imagine it did. And since nobody really knows how it started we’ll go with that.

   What we do know is this. The first record of a ship under sail comes from Egypt around 3500 years ago. But if it was recorded then, it probably started sooner. 

   Egyptians also have records of using sailing vessels on land. As does China.

    Point is it didn’t take people long to realize they could ride the wind. Rowing and drifting were not the only way to get across the water. So now the oceans were open to people.

   Waterways became our highways and interstates. The trade routs of the world were now open. Information and trade goods could be carried to endless lengths. All thanks to “The Wind.” 

    All thanks to that person watching the leaves blow by. I’m kind of a romantic at heart. I’m sticking to that version of events. Till I’m proved wrong it could be the way it happened. I live in a world of endless possibility. Like they did.

Made the food we ate

     At some point after people learned to make sails they started using them to power other things. Like graineries.  Instead of using people or livestock to turn the huge stones they used to grind grains into flour, they could use wind.

  The windmill was born. Well the grainery windmill showed up around a thousand years ago. But the very first mention of one was about 3700 years ago in Babylon.

   King Hammurabi had plans for a wind pump that would bring water to his fields. Though there isn’t any actual evidence of it being built. So right idea, unknown conclusion.

    We do know that around 1500 years ago horizontal windmills were used in the middle east. These were used to mill grain. It would look like a windmill with the sails turned on their sides. As the wind blows it turns a shaft attached to a mill stone. Round and round it went, producing flour from grains. 

 The ones that everybody thinks of now sprang up in Europe around the 12th century. You know the Holland windmill. Of course you do, you just might not have known it. They were still used for milling grains. 

    At some point they started being used for pumps. To pump water out of areas of low lying land. Land that was particularly prone to flooding. Like in Holland. A lot of the land in Holland was actually built up using these and filling the land in with soul. All thanks to the wind.

   It is believed that windmills were used in China 2000 years ago. There are references in some books about them. However no evidence of them actually being built exists.

    Evidence does show they were used in China around the same time as they were in Europe. And they even had both vertical and horizontal types. 

    Either way it all started with that same person watching leaves blow. Because windmills came after sailboats. Sails came first, then they branched out. Usually how things work.


   “A good idea doesn’t have to be a big idea.” Scott Bardelli on copywriting. Applies to most things though. But it can lead to them. Like the next use of wind.



   “A good idea doesn’t have to be a big idea.” Scott Bardelli on copywriting. Applies to most things though. But it can lead to them. Like the next use of wind.

Makes power

   Now we're getting to the good stuff. Turbines. The big windmills that make electricity. The things that don’t use fossil fuels. The things that are totally clean energy. The things that are completely renewable. Yes, those things. And they are growing everyday.

    Despite what you think, they’ve been around a while. Like the 1800's. 1887 to be exact. 

   In 1887 a man named prof, James Blyth built one in Scotland. This is the first recorded version of a windmill used to produce electricity. It was 10 m high and had cloth sails. He installed it in his garden house to produce electricity for the lighting. It also worked incredibly well.

    It worked so well he offered the surplus energy to the village of Marykirk to light their main street.

    The village, however, declined his offer. They said that this was the work of the devil. He probably was not too popular with the neighbors.     


    In 1888 a man named Charles F. Brush designed one  in Cleveland, Ohio.  This was the first US turbine.

    The real mystery in the wind turbine history is why did people choose to go with fossil fuels. To make electricity. Which could be made from clean and renewable wind. HHHHMMMMM. 

    Luckily the idea did not go away entirely. Wind turbines are starting to spring up all over the world as a replacement to fossil fuel burning, or nuclear, power plants. It’s a very exciting time we live in. 


     So the wind got us around the world. Made our food. Makes our power and a few other things too. Like cool us off. 

     Oh yeah that gentle breeze we like to feel as we look at sunsets. That’s wind. 

    It calms our spirits and cools us off. It also pushes the clouds we like to look at around the globe. Making the rain we need arrive where it’s needed. 

    Without that rain our crops wouldn’t grow. If they don’t grow, we're in trouble. And what brings the rain. That’s right. The wind.

    The wind also plays a big role in making those beautifu;l sunsets and sunrises we like to watch happen. A big part. And it does it for free. Some of the best things in life are. The wind is definitely one of the best things we have.

   Sometimes that precipitation get’s to the colder parts of the world. Then it is transformed into the beautiful white blanket of joy known as snow. Everybody loves snow. It brings out the kid in all of us. Or it does me anyway. And there's all kinds of fun things to do in the snow. And it’s brought there by. That's right. The wind

   For all of the wave riders out there I don’t have to tell you who to thank. That’s right. The wind.

    Oh and for those with no fear of heights, there's the growing in popularity: Hot air balloon. Though I have not done this, Yet.

    So it moves us around the world on land and sea. Land sailing is awesome. Make out food. Helps to grow our food. Makes our power. Makes a lot of fun things possible. Is totally free and completely renewable. Oh and is good for the planet. Yeah it blew me away too.

Thank you, Wind.

Balloons are carried by the wind too. If you don't have a fear of heights, it can be quite a ride.