There's a saying "There's a reason it's not called catching". Because we don't catch all of them. We miss strikes, line breaks, they throw the hook. sometimes it's just a stick. Anyway, we still do it though. Time and time again.

Sharing Moments

     Sometimes it's not the fish we walk away with that matters the most. It the memories. The moments we share with others. Especially the ones we care about. 

       When the day is over and you're sitting around a fire, hopefully cooking some fish, and sharing stories. That's the important part of the trip. What we share. It just happens to be a really important part of life. One of my favorite parts. 

    We are social creatures by nature. We need connections. We need fishing buddies. We need to fish with family, friends, girlfriends, wives. All of our social family. Doesn't matter how big it is, as long as we share with others.

    Passing on Knowledge

    Part of the sharing we do as humans, and fisherman, is passing on skills and knowledge to others. Where would we all be if someone hadn't taken us fishing, or answered those early questions?

     I've been fishing for years, and I still have questions. Do I think there will ever be a day I know it all? I hope not! I like learning new things. There's still fish I haven't caught yet. There's still fish I haven't heard of. It keeps me dreaming. That keeps me smiling. There's still more. It's like a woman. They confound me. I don't understand a lot of why they do things. I also love them because of it. God made two sexes for a reason and he's a lot smarter than me.

Enjoying Right Now

    You have to live in the now. We've all heard it. It's true. Yesterday is gone. Tomorow isn't here yet. All you have is right now. Plan for tomorrow and work towards the one you want. 

    I change lures all the time if they don't work. If they aren't working right now. I might try it again later. If your hardheaded, you'll keep throwing the same thing until you get something to hit it. Don't do this. Change lures as often as you need to. You can come back to something later. 

     If you're thinking about the one that got away, you might miss the next bite. You have to be in the now to be a good fisherman. You have to be in the now to be a good person. Dreams are good, but you have to focus on now, and how to get there.

Know What's Important

     In case you haven't been able to guess there's more to fishing than just catching, unless you're fishing that stream in heaven with Jesus. It's the people you fish with. It's the memories you make. That's what you take with you.

     I don't remember every single fish I ever caught. Usually, it's just another of whatever fish. I do remember the time that me and this person did this and caught that. The time me and you didn't catch anything, but we did . . .

    Life doesn't come with a guarantee. Neither does fishing. You have to do both to appreciate them. There's a lot to learn from fishing about life. It's not just catching. . 


written by Benjamin Evans