The Little Things 

The world is a big crazy place. It is. And most of it is trying to mislead you. Money, material possessions, fame. All the things' people are told they need to be happy and to have a good life. Funny thing is most people with all that are miserable and certainly aren't contributing to making the world a better place. They miss the little things.

    Yes, the little things that make life worth living. Well, they make the work we have to do in this life worth it. Laughter, friends, family. The way children look at things through little innocent eyes. The way that specials somebody smiles when they see you.  The unsaid things when you share a glance with someone you love. A good meal with good company.        

    These are the things happy and successful people work for.  Success is measured by how many of these little things you experience in a day. And knowing tomorrow might bring more little things is what keeps you going. It's based on faith. They ARE NOT GUARANTEED!!  Trust me, they are the only things that really matter. They cannot be bought. They have to be found, held on to. You have to appreciate them, or God might take some away. 

Rainy days are a little thing. It's like God's telling us to slow down

 They say that hell is the absence of God. These little things let you know he isn't absent from your life.  If they are missing you might want to re- evaluate your life. Seriously, you're missing out. On the little things and THE BIG PICTURE! When your life flashes before your eyes, right before you leave this world forever, you're going to want all those little things to replay. Not the time you spent making money, or being famous, or your big fancy mansion. You'll just wish you had focused more on the important things. The little things.

Have heart, live well, be grateful. For all the little things