Under Heavens Eaves


    Can you see the stars from your house at night? I know you think you can. If you've been camping before you know the answer is "Not really". It's a small fraction of them. You can't feel them either. You're not used to real life and really living if you can't feel the stars.

   I don't mean physically reach out and grab one. It will feel like you could though. The difference in sky and ground gets a little fuzzy out there. Maybe it's the air quality, maybe it's the excitement, or maybe it's just that you are starting to actually really live again. It might even be all of the above, and a few more things I haven't figured out yet.   I'll keep looking into it, I'm inviting you too as well.

 To understand what I'm talking about you need to spend one night Under Heaven's Eaves. Just one is all it will take to get you back to real life and really living.


    There once was a time when people were actually part of nature and lived REAL LIFE. Sounds crazy in our smart everything world but it's true. People could actually tell where they were and the time of the year by looking at the sky. The stars showed them where they were and where they wanted to go.

    No GPS. Just the sky and instincts. And they made it. They did better than make it. They thrived. They REALLY LIVED Take a phone away from some people now and they're lost. Not everybody. Some still know where they are and what's important. Sailors, fishermen, good hearted people, Christians, etc. are usually living REAL LIFE! We need to reconnect the people who are lost to the right place and right way to live. REAL LIFE! 

    I'm all for technology. I make my living using it. However, some of the old ways are still the best ways. PlayStation fishing is OK on a rainy day, but

"I'd rather be wet and reeling or sitting in front of a fire making smores before we climb into the tent and call it a day."

We have to get people to reconnect to what makes life worth living. We need to get them outdoors. They need to be out Under Heavens Eaves.


    So, when you get out there Under Heaven's Eaves, the first thing you need to do is BREATH. Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. You'll feel it. Stress and worry and doubt drift away. All of the negativity you soaked up will fade into the stars above. 

   You'll feel all the positivity coming back. Renewing your spirit. Connecting you to your place in the Grand Scheme of Things. (It's not in a cubicle) It's outdoors and it's waiting for you to come home.

It's ready for you to start REAL LIFE and REALLY LIVING!

   You might not even know just how different the air is out there, but it won't take long to notice. You'll feel like doing things, instead of watching TV or posting on social media, or blogging, or writing a content article for an outdoor marketing job. But it's one of the major steps towards REALLY LIVING!     

   Breathing fresh air will change the way you sleep and dream. Then you'll wake up feeling 20 years younger. But it doesn't stop there. Breathing is just getting you ready for the rest of the show and for REAL LIFE!

Watch the lightshow

      At your home in whatever city, if you look up at the sky, you'll see some stars and maybe the moon, maybe a planet or two, all those little bright spots in the sky.  What you may not realize is you haven't seen anything yet. You've had a very small view of it. Most of the sky has been blocked by light pollution. Real life and REALLY LIVING will help you see all the wonders above and UNDER HEAVENS EAVES.

 light pollution = brightening of the night sky caused by streetlights and other man-made sources, which has a disruptive effect on natural cycles and inhibits the observation of stars and planets.

    That brightening of the sky has diluted your picture of what's up there. All the light down here keeps you from seeing everything up there. Till you get to the outdoors and away from the pollution.   Then the night sky will light up like something from a movie. It's a signal that you are starting to see real life and start really living.

     Plan on being amazed. It's breath taking your first time. And every other time. I've seen it from the sea and outdoors and it still takes my breath away. Luckily the air out there is better, so you'll adapt quickly. 

Maybe. . . .

   Take as long as you need to adjust to the real world. The real world I'm talking about is the outdoors. That's where life starts to become real living. After you get away from all the artificial life replacements you have been convinced are making your life better and start real living, you'll understand.

     It's a humbling experience when you realize just how small you really are with all those stars looking down on you from Under Heaven's Eaves. You'll understand why It's called that your first night under them. But be warned! You will most assuredly want to come back. You probably won't want to leave. And it's OK, we don't either. Priorities are part of real living too though.


      You might start to remember things you forgot a long time ago. Little things. The things that matter. The things we share. The things we pass on. What we want to teach the new ones. They'll all come back as you adjust to the world the way God intended it to be and embrace REAL LIFE.

   I don't know how we forget the things that truly matter but we do. Luckily, it's easy to remember. One night under Heaven's Eaves will do the trick quite nicely. Big things are accomplished with small steps. Until we are ready to make a giant leap into the wild places and remember where we came from and what life is supposed to be like. Sorry, what LIVING is supposed to be like.

   You'll get there. I have faith in you. So do the people who have already found their way back to living a full life. Real LIVING is the only life worth living. It's not enough to just be happy. You have to be happy in a life that matters. The communities pretty good at helping new people adapt back to real living. Real life is the one that includes time in the outdoors, not the one you think you will go back to after your trip out here is over. 

    Sorry, there is no going back, but you will love your life and real living more than you can imagine.

Leave it better

   You can't just pack up and leave though. Oh no! We have a saying in the outdoors "Leave it better than you found it." More people should apply this motto to all parts of life. And they will once we get them back outdoors and Under Heaven's Eaves. Leaving will be harder than you think.

    Don't worry, you can come back anytime you want.

   So, I'm daring you to spend one night camping. Just one night. Because I know that's all it will take to change your life in ways you can't even imagine.

It will be the difference in you being alive and REALLY LIVING!

If you don't know the difference, then you definitely need to spend a night out here. Just one is all it will take. 


Just one night Under Heaven's Eaves.

written by Benjamin Evans