a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:

 is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping",

   I’m as big of a fan of portmanteaus as anybody, I guess. Two words stuck together to make one word. I use whole phrases as nouns when I write, the “probably won't but could happens”. Clever use of language can make some of the dullest topics seem more interesting. It’s what writing is or can be. 

    But to be honest, glamorous camping did not exactly give me the right mental picture to make this sound appealing. I won’t tell you what I thought it was, and I’m still not convinced about the name: Glamping. Being pampered in the woods just sounded wrong. So wrong that it took me a while to even look into this. I wasn’t even sure this was real or really happening, or people really did this. Then I remembered my introduction to goat yoga.

Is it Real?

    Is glamping real or is it like goat yoga? That is actually the question I asked a while back. To my astonishment they are both real. Though I still don’t really understand the point of the goats. I don’t really know the point of yoga other than for stretching though. Those are both questions I will probably never understand. Stretching with goats? HUH?

   Glamping on the other hand does have an appeal to it. I love the outdoors and camping; I also like some of my modern conveniences. I work on a laptop, so glamping kind of seems like a no brainer. Well now that I know what it is and that it’s real it does.

    So, to make it simple GLAMPING is REAL, unfortunately so is goat yoga. The world is truly a more complex place than I care to know about most of the time.

 Occasionally it will surprise you in a good way. Glamping seems to be one of those. We still might have to rename this though. I’m sure I’m not the only person who hears glamping and cringes while thinking to myself:

"NOOOOOOO. I don’t want to know what that is.?"

Camorting. Camping + resort

Camteching. Camping +technology

Camuxury: camping + luxury.

Luxooring: Luxury outdoors.

     See there were a whole lot of other ways to have gone with this. That’s just a quick couple of minute brainstorm. I’ll have to get with the marketing dept. about glamping.

    Interesting fact: Spell check to NOT go off on any of those suggestions.

How to

   So near as I can tell glamping seems to be camping with string lights and big pillows. Pretty much everything else is the same, at least the way I camp.

    Glamping is supposed to be more about comfort and luxury. So is regular camping, except the luxury part. I'm not exactly one of those survivalist people who go into the woods to test themselves. I go because I find it peaceful and relaxing. I don't go any farther than I can carry good food for. I fish enough to know that is not a meal I can count on. The meals I prepare when I'm camping would probably look like glamping meals anyway. yes, I can cook, somethings anyway. Me and baking don't mix, and it does not bother me. It's just something else i am not good at. There are a lot of them.

    I try to use the gifts God gave me as best I can, but I continue to try new things. I'm just not always good at them and that's OK. None of us are perfect.

    Let's hope renaming glamping is not another one.  I can't see any reason to stretch with goats but at least the name makes sense. Goat Yoga - stretching with goats. I understand why it's called that, but I still don't see the reason for it.

    Glamping though.

(Am I the only person put off by that name?)

   So, what are the basics you need for glamping? 

  • String Lights- You know those lights that you hang on Christmas to decorate outside your home. Those are string lights; you can get them at Lowes or any other home improvement place. You need to place them around your site to create a soft lighting atmosphere for your luxurious camping trip. Make sure they are solar powered though. A loud generator running will completely wreck any comfort or peaceful or even luxurious atmosphere you intended to create.
  • Cozy sleeping area - So this part “can” be a little different from regular camping. Instead of just the good old sleeping bag, most glampers recommend an air mattress. I have actually used them before, and it is kind of nice to sleep on them. If you are going to be there for an extended period of time, I recommend them for regular camping. I get comfortable when I’m camping anyway. 
  • Hammocks - Glampers all recommend hammocks. So, do I. I love them. For those lazy evenings just before it’s time to enjoy the sunset and the fish aren’t biting but you don’t actually want to lay down in the tent, hammocks are incredible. They are also one of the easiest things in the world to put up. If you can tie a knot, you can hang a hammock.
  • Good Food - Again, not much difference in this one for me. Good food is a must when camping, or glamping. You would be amazed at what you can cook on an open fire. You can also bring along a gas burner stove. The little Coleman can be a true wonder if you know how to cook. That’s the thing about good food and camping, if you can make good food at home, you can make good food camping, or glamping.
  • Coffee maker - I don’t camp without coffee anyway. They suggest a lot of things to do with this but in all honesty a good pot to boil water in and good coffee works just as good. Unless you want a cappuccino, then well, you either have to invest in a battery powered one or have a way to make power. I will not recommend the whole generator nonsense for anything camping.
  • The TENT - this is one of the biggest differences. In normal camping the tent is usually just where you sleep, and it doesn’t have to be that big. Glamping requires more space. So, you’ll need a bigger tent. Yurts are always a big plus. I like them for when I do extended stays at one location. Easy to put up, lots of room, cozy, warm, a cocoon of peacefulness. You could also just get a multi room tent. They go up easy and work great. They're kind of like small canvas houses, you can even have a bedroom for privacy and a living room for socializing. 
  • Chairs - A given on any extended stay camping trip anyway. The foldable kind is what most people use. They fold up into nothing and even pack into a storage bag, so they don’t unfold during transportation. They also make hanging chairs just like hammocks. They are amazingly light portable and comfortable and usually pretty affordable. 
  • Music - You can get speakers that connect to your phone and play your favorite playlist of cozy music while you lounge. Keep it low though. I wear earbuds when I hike sometimes anyway. If you play anything, this would be the time to bring it with you. 

 The main thing that determines if you will camp or glamp is how easily accessible the site is. If you can get to your site by vehicle, then you can pack as much stuff as you can. Getting it there isn’t a problem, make it as cozy as you like.

(I think it's because of the term glamour mixed in with camping.)

     If you have to transport gear and furnishings over a distance, then weight and space start becoming a factor. Especially if it all has to go on your back. Carrying all those extras might kill any idea of a comfortable stay outdoors. It gets down to the ounce sometimes and I’m not sacrificing the necessities like food, for a big fluffy pillow and an air mattress.

 There are also glamping rentals. The place is already set up and ready to go. You just check in like you would at a regular hotel. They are usually a lot cheaper than a luxury sweet and have some pretty amazing views. They are also great for families. Some even provide some meals. It is definitely worth looking into before you go buy a whole lot of stuff to try something new, you might want to take advantage of renting. I'm all for frugality and sensibility.

   Thanks to our solar technology now, you can charge most of your tech while you're enjoying the outdoors. You can stay connected and still be disconnected at the same time. It’s like the best of both worlds. This is the main advantage of glamping to me.

     I work online, I write on a computer, or laptop. My handwriting is horrible, and I type faster than I write. Plus, I don’t have spell check when I hand write. I never know when the inspiration will hit me, or where. So, this is a beautiful thing for me. I can work while I’m outdoors. It's amazing how clear some things are when we get away from the distractions we are usually surrounded by.

        Now, I’m in to try glamping. Goat yoga, we will talk later.

Would I?

    So, glamping does have some appeal to it: More comfortable, nice sleeping arrangements, I can stay connected, I’m still in the outdoors, I love yurts, I can fish, then write, then cook, then, then, then.

   So would I go glamping. I would have to say yes, with exceptions.

   I would never hang string lights around any site I’m glamping or camping at. This would create light pollution and block your visibility of all those amazing stars and everything else lighting up the beautiful night sky. It’s called Heaven’s Eaves and I like it better than string lights. I’ll stick with a lantern or headlamp and the always welcome: campfire.

    There is no way I would run a generator while I'm outdoors. Unless my home was outdoors, and all other forms of power have failed. This includes traditional power, solar power, wind power, and good Ol batteries.  

    Generators are loud, noisy, comfort killers that do not belong outdoors except in an emergency situation in a permanent home. Even then it’s only temporary.

  You can make all the power you need from the good old sun to run anything and everything you will need out there.

   So other than those two things, yes, I would go glamping. 

(Glamorous is not something I would have ever tried using in a sentence about anything I do.)

    It’s starting to move farther from camping and closer to the home I want. They have some really cool homes now. Treehouses, cave houses, log cabins, and container homes that all kind of fit the bill of glamping except they are permanent structures. Which is what I want: a really cozy permanent home with a great view and modern amenities as well, who doesn’t right?

     Glamping is a lot cheaper than most nice hotels, and it is outdoors, it can be a lot of fun, and it can also be really relaxing. I can hardly not recommend something that brings people to the outdoors for the right reasons. As, long as they know the rules of the outdoors. 

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    So yes, I give glamping as an activity a thumbs up. The name however is still under suspicion. I am more than happy to accept other ideas and input on what we can rename this.

   It might do incredibly better as an outdoor activity if it had a better name. But that’s just my opinion, or I'm just the only one saying anything about it.

    Aside from the name I defiantly recommend it.


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Live by Faith. Love the outdoors. Life is out HERE!

written by Benajmin Evans