Sweet Dreams

Bed Rolls and Sleeping bags

     At some point on your excursion into the world as God intended, you might have to lie down. You might even have to sleep for a bit. Not a problem as long as you came prepared. Trust me that ground might feel soft, but at some point during the night you will find a rock lodged in the middle of your back. 

   Oh, you can rake and sweep and try and clear the area out all you want to. But it will happen. Somewhere, just below the surface you cleared, will be that rock. 

    That rock is going to follow you all night. Or it multiplies while you sleep. Calls in its buddies. “Hey, I got one over here.” 

    The whole next day you are going to be miserable.

    Luckily, there is a solution. An easy, light weight, always faithful, rock proof solution. A bed roll, or liner. And it is a little miracle worker on its own. Combine it with a sleeping bag and you will be ready to conquer the rest of that trail, or river, or fish, or whatever brought you to the outdoors.

Bed Roll

      Bedrolls have two major functions. The first is comfort. This is what goes between you and that rock. You won't even know it’s there anymore. With the right bed roll it will be like sleeping on air. Somewhat. 

   They come in different thicknesses and are made from different materials. The most common now is memory foam. They also have some made from rubber. The thickness varies on most of them. I would pick one that you feel comfortable sleeping in your bag on. Try it at home before you go out. Once you’re there isn’t the time to realize “OMG, It’s not thick enough. I can still feel that rock.” Trial and error and a little common sense go a long way here.

[Just remember, as thick as you can carry comfortably.]

The other thing bed rolls do, and this one is actually more important, is keep you off the ground. Not just so you don’t feel that rock or his buddies but to keep you warm. The ground absorbs heat quicker than air. You might feel fine when you lay dawn, but once you fall asleep and your temp drops, you're going to wake up shivering. 

Hypothermia is no joke. You won't even realize it’s happened until it has happened. It’s one of those “probably won't but could happen.” This one just happens to be a bit serious. And yes a good bed roll could be the difference between sleeping like a baby and spending the next day trying to get as close to the fire as you can without actually catching on fire yourself. 



   I wish this was one of those things that was prevented by common sense, but it’s not. In some situations, humans have absolutely no sense at all. So, my advice to counter this. Plan ahead. Don’t leave it to chance or your “primitive instincts”. 

Any woo

Sleeping Bag

    Now to the good part. The bag itself. This one is kind of easy. THERE ARE ONLY TWO THINGS TO CONSIDER

  “Am I comfortable in it” and “Is it warm enough?

   I can’t tell you what you will be comfortable in. You’ll have to try some out. I can tell you this. In the winter I like the cocoon types. The ones that only leave a little bit of your face exposed. They usually go into the negative temps as far as what temps are good for. Once again, PLAN AHEAD. 

     If you think it might get cold, plan on it getting colder. You don’t want to go on a camping trip and bring nothing but shorts only to wake in the morning and everything is covered in snow. Trust me, it happens. Weather is unpredictable. You are definitely not in the consideration of things as far as mother nature is concerned. If you think the weather is your friend, go sailing. You’ll find out really quick how it can turn on you. PLAN AHEAD!

    In warmer seasons I like the zip up the side kind of looks like your bed at home kind. Easy in and easy out. Also great for two people. 


Prepare your area

 So now you’re out there and you’re making camp. Your just about to put up the tent. 


   Clear out the area FIRST!. Sounds easy enough but it’s forgotten by many people. People who probably spend a lot more time out there than you. So trust me when I tell you, it’s better to do this first than after you unpack EVERYTHING!

    It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a checklist. Seriously. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wise words from sages long since past. Just one of the handy tidbits of info that people used to find in almanacs. 


    You should too. They are online now, so you have no excuse. You also have no excuse to not be out there. In the outdoors. Seeing the world as God intended it to be. Natural. Shaped by forces beyond our control. Wild and beautiful. Unchanged and timeless. Go see it! Go stay a while. Sleep well. Enjoy the outdoors.