There is a saying "To find the right path in life, you have to leave the road."

    It's true. Sometimes you have to make your own way. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of us. These are the times when memories are made. These times require. HIKING or walking with adventure.


Go Exploring

   Since there have been people, which is a long time, they have wondered "What's over there?" It's ingrained somewhere in us. The need to explore the world around us. We are curious creatures by nature.  

   It's still in us. Some more than others. Well, I like to think it's just waiting to be released in the ones that have not found the spirit of adventure. It's been suppressed by whatever bad advice and wrong people that they listened to.

   Till now.

   It's time we wake up the explorer in everyone. We're going to get them OUTDOORS. Hiking through an adventure in nature with all Gods little creatures that live out there and seeing the world as God intended it to be. Beautiful, wild, peaceful, amazing and wonderful.

   It doesn't take much to go hiking either.

"Basically, a will to "Go See" is enough to get you on the path."

You can hike in whatever you feel comfortable walking in. The rest is "just in case goods" that usually depend on how long and how far you plan on hiking. And things for those " probably won't but could happens". 

The list

  • Water
  • water
  • water
  • food/snacks
  • binoculars 
  • first aid kit (probably won't but could happen)
  • phone/camera
  • maps
  • compass 
  • pack - to carry it all

   How much water should I take? Depends on how far, how long, and how hot it is where you are going to hike. Most people need at least a liter a day to stay completely hydrated. If you are perspiring a lot, you will need more. Check with the local officials and see what they would recommend. Local knowledge is an invaluable asset and should be taken advantage of. 

       You might also need to bring snacks. Granola, protein bars, beef jerky, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit. The healthy snacks have more benefit than things like chips and candy bars. Hiking burns calories you need to replace them with good ones not just sugar.

    Binoculars are another handy item to bring. You never know what you might see once you leave the neaten bath on a hike. You never know close you will be able to get to it either. So instead of squinting to see what kind of amazing little creature that is off ion the distance, binoculars let you get an up-close view of them. For some creatures this distance is safer for us and them. For more in-depth advice on binoculars Binocular Guide.

    Cameras used to be a good idea, and still are, but you can also use your phone. Everybody is smart phone reliant now days and don't have to be told to bring that. Quick tip though, Turn it on silent while hiking. Animals hear a lot better than we do and you might be scaring them off before you ever even get to see them.

   "A first aid kit is never a bad idea for a hike, or anything else, for that matter."

It falls into the category of "probably won't but could happens". It's one of those things you never think about, till you need it. Take it from my experience it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. There's rocks and slips of all kinds out there, all of which can cut you pretty easy. So, play it safe and bring the first aid kit. It doesn't weigh that much anyway.

    You can also carry water purifying tablets in it. There might be plenty of water out there in those streams and brooks for you to drink, but you have no idea what microscopic, little creatures might be calling it home. You definitely don't want some of them calling your gut home. If you don't have purifying tablets, make drinking it a last resort. Boiling it first would be preferable to drinking straight out of the stream. 

    Maps of the area are also another good hiking accessory. Yes, we all have GPS on our phones now and nobody is ever without their phone. Until something happens to it. Getting it wet, dropping it, or just watching it fall over that gorge is going to put an end to you knowing where you are. That's why the old-fashioned paper maps are so handy. When the tech fails go back to the old ways.

   If you have a sense of direction, that's great. Most people don't now, so I won't recommend counting on it. 

 A compass is also a great idea for hiking. If you have a map and can tell where you are, you can use a compass and find your way home. Most hiking trails are pretty good paths and as long as you stay on it you should be fine. But sometimes our adventure spirit takes hold, and we leave the path. You might need a map and a compass to find your way back. Another "probably won't but could happen." Navigation

 A pack is always a good idea. You can carry all those "probably won't but could happens" you need. Keep it as light as you can but have everything you need. How do I carry it all is another article that can help with deciding on a pack to bring? Unless you plan on camping, you really don't need to bring much. Refer to the list if you have questions. 

    When you go out for an adventure you usually have to leave the roads. Trails are good, paved roads are bad. If enough people travel it enough for it to be paved, it's usually not worth exploring. We're going off road. Looking for new places. New adventures, new people. We are walking with adventure. We are hiking through life and loving every minute of it even if we are not sure where it's going. It's like being lost but knowing where you are and how to get back. 

   Maybe it's not "knowing how to get back", as much as," OK with where we are right now and happy about where we hope it's going". There's really not a destination in mind on an adventure. We want to walk with adventure.

   We are hiking.

     Will we be the first people EVER to be wherever? Probably not. But we might be the first people we know to be there. That day anyway. It's all about perspective when you are walking with adventure. Adventure is never a race to be somewhere.

     How you look at things can determine a lot of how your life will be. The right attitude can take you on the adventure of a lifetime every morning you wake up. We don't talk about the wrong attitude around here. Positivity. Pass it on. Help make the world a better place. 

    There is another saying I'm sure you've heard.

"Can't never could,

but can will!"

     Speaking of attitude, exploration is an attitude all itself. Hiking is exploration. Ergo, Hiking is an attitude or a mindset if you will. One you can carry over into the rest of your life.

      Want a better job. Explore your options. Want a new home. Go explore some new neighborhoods. Get curious about what's out there. If you don't like it, change it. Keep being curious and exploring your life and your world. Just remember to pack for the "probably won't but could happens".

     Hiking is also VERY, VERY HEALTHY. How far you can go depends a lot on how fit you are. But luckily this is something that only improves the more you do it. The faith you have when you take that first step will grow too. Faith destroys fear. Fear has no place in you when you walk with adventure.

    Push those limits. Set new goals. Keep going to achieve them. Sounds like life advice. "It Is!"

Good life advice applies to all of your life, not just parts. 

    There it is, the AAAHHHHAAAAA moment. Master one thing and you'll see it in all things.  You'll see a lot of things different when you start getting out there and exploring. When you start walking with adventure. When you start hiking.

       Hiking is good by yourself. The peace. The tranquility. Just you and nature. It's a spiritual thing. But it can also be a group thing. Friends'. family, hiking group. Take them with you on your adventure. You can explore and grow and make a better world together.

    Some things in life need to be shared to truly appreciate it. Unfortunately, knowing when those moments are going to happen is hard to predict. I've had a lot of those "UUUGGGHHH, I wish somebody else had seen this too moments." I'm still glad God blessed me with them, but, for me, it would have been better shared. So, send out invitations to your adventure walk and don't take no for an answer. Wake up the spirit of exploration in everyone you know. Just tell them they are going to walk with adventure. Then show them.     

      You don't have to run off to the country to start hiking. You can start walking with adventure in your neighborhood. Get up go for a walk. Get ready for that time you do go off road.

   Just remember it's the adventure spirit that you need to carry with you. It's what applies to everything else in life after you decide to start walking with adventure. You can apply the hiking attitude in all parts of your life.

"Because adventure begins where the pavement ends."

I hope to see you there. 

   Want a better job. Explore your options. Want a new home. Go explore some new neighborhoods. Get curious about what's out there. If you don't like it, change it. Keep being curious and exploring your life. Just remember to pack for the "probably won't but could happens".

   If you want a better life you have to take steps in the right direction. Walk with faith and determination. Walk with adventure.

Enjoy the outdoors. Life is out here!

written by Benjamin Evans