I could not be James Bond. . .

    There is a channel that I won’t mention because I neither have their approval nor am I being paid to promote them. On that station there is a channel that shows never ending James Bond movies. I have seen them all and at one point I thought being like James Bond would be an awesome life.

   Running around the globe, cool gadgets, cool vehicles, unlimited funds, debonair and tuxedo wearing life that is James Bond. It all seemed pretty amazing. . . .at first. Then I actually put some thought into this and realized “I am nothing Like James Bond nor will I ever be, and I am grateful for it." 

   How did I get sucked into believing this? What made me think it would be interesting anyway?

The Gadgets

      James Bond has all kinds of cool little gadgets that get him out of sticky situations. They are all made by a mad scientist who is simply called Q. I have no idea what that stands for. I don’t understand why his boss called M. Maybe I should just start going by B for Benjamin, or Z for no apparent reason at all.

    He has watches that shoot lasers. Pens that shoot missiles. A watch with a chainsaw cord that pulls out of it that can cut through anything (I actually would like to have this one.) He has a whole slew of other things. Some of them even work. Maybe not the laser but the pen gun is actually a real thing. They make explosives that look like anything and can be kept anywhere and blow up everything. 

    After watching these movies, I really wanted to have things like that too. The closest thing I can get is something like a multi-tool or a smart watch. Both are pretty cool gadgets and have a slew of uses but they don’t really have that James Bond feel to them. They lack the “I’m a super spy” thing all of James Bond’s gadgets have. This is a good thing now that I look at it closer. I'm a fisherman and I love the outdoors. My gadgets work great for what I do.

    "Appreciate what you have."

The Vehicles

    James Bond is infamous for his elaborate vehicles. Cars that have smoke screens and oil slicks shooting out behind them. Cars that have ejector seats. A plane that folded up and fit inside an 18-wheeler. The one I really wanted was the Lotus that turned into a submarine. He drove it off the road and not only onto the water but under it.

   I looked into this one to see if it actually worked. Amazingly it does. It’s what they call a wet sub: it fills with water, so you have to wear air tanks when you go underwater. Not exactly what I wanted, or what was shown, but it does work. A car that turns into a submarine.


    Other than that, one, I have no idea what I would do with the other vehicles. I have no use for smoke screens or oil slicks. I don’t need guns and missiles shooting out of headlights. The ejector seat might be fun once in a while, but I don’t have any real-world application for it other than it might be fun. I don't even get involved in high-speed chases. I'm not a criminal or super spy.

    Mud riding on a 4wheeler appeals to me, or in a truck, in a boat going fishing. My life might not be as adrenaline filled as Bond's, but it will last a lot longer and I like it. God made me an outdoors lover not a super spy. 

    Be grateful. 

The Funds

    James Bond lives in a world of excess. The world of the super-rich and the super villainous (funny how those two things go together so often). Diamonds, champagne, caviar, tuxedos, sports cars, the finest hotels and all of it costs a fortune.

      James Bond can spend without thinking about it. The cost is never even considered. This is one that really had an appeal to it. How nice it would be to have unlimited funds. What would you do if you never had to ask how much does it cost?

    Then I realized:  I am not rich. I’m not complaining, even if I had money like that, I wouldn’t spend it on things like this. I would hope I would use it to try and do good in the world. Just think of how much could be done to make the world a better place and free of darkness with unlimited funds. 

    James Bond never does anything to use his wealth towards anything that would actually make the world a better place. I guess there is something to be said from thwarting super villains and terrorists, but does it really have to cost that much. Why not do something really meaningful, start a nonprofit to help people who need it, food banks, better education, retraining for people, things that would make the world a world in the light not a world trapped in darkness. James Bond needs a better financial advisor.

     There's another reason I'm glad I don't have money like this. One of the most difficult things in my life has been finding someone I could trust. I have a good heart and bad people like to try and take advantage of it. If they thought, I was super rich I'd never find someone to spend life with. "Is it me, or the money?" Luckily, I don't have this problem and probably never will but if I do, I'm sure it will be long after I've started building a life with the right one.

 Be Humble!

The Women

   James Bond is The Ladies Man. He always gets the girl. In most of the shows he gets more than one. The first one gets killed and then he’s on to number two. No remorse. No afterthought. Nothing! Not even an Oh Well, maybe next time. Death by being covered in gold didn’t even make him flinch.

   I am NOTHING LIKE THIS NOR DO I CARE TO BE. I guess I just don’t see the point in living this way. My Christian values and good heart prevent me from ever being able to accept that lifestyle. Married to one woman for life. This I can do. Being heartless and going from one woman to the next I can’t. God made me a one-woman man; I want to build a life with someone and share life just with her. The whole never knowing what tomorrow will bring or who it will bring into your private life kind of makes me cringe. My germaphobia alone prevents this kind of life ever being possible for me. There's a lot of diseases spread because of lifestyles like that. YUK!

Thank you, Jesus.

Not everything is Good.

He Kills People

   James Bond is a double 0 agent. He has a license to kill people. To get the double O title you have to kill two people that are approved for murder by his Boss. I don’t know if this is remotely true about how intelligence agencies work in the real world, but it seems plausible. I’m sure in the world of the super spy people are getting killed everywhere. People are getting killed everywhere in our world anyway so it might be easy to get away with it if you are a spy. I honestly have no idea and I’m not looking into it that much.

    Thou shall not kill. Pretty simple how God feels about this, and I don’t have a problem obeying this commandment. I might slip up here and there when I see something that looks truly evil and wish the world didn’t have it in it, but I usually come back to my senses and ask God to forgive me for thinking this pretty quick. It’s not my place to condemn I also don't have to condone. It's a delicate balance that I work on all the time.

     I leave vengeance to God and try to live a good Christian life. That doesn’t include killing people. I'm not even dwelling on this one more than I already did.


Thou shall not kill.

I’m not Sauve

     When people think of James Bond the words suave or debonair come to mind. He wears a tuxedo out at night. He wears a three-piece suit in the morning to go to a meeting which usually involves a Martini shaken not stirred. When he walks in people notice and it’s not because he is a stumbling fool either. He’s confident, self-assured, and has a license to kill anyone who gets in his way.

   I’m not like this.

At all.

   I don’t wear suits or tuxedos. I’m usually in a pair of jeans or Khakis and a polo style shirt. Casual would be a better description of me.  My wardrobe is more functional that fashionable. I dress accordingly. All of my clothes match all my other clothes. I do have button up shirts for special occasions but usually dressed up for me means I put on my leather shoes. The ones with laces not just my slip-on mocks.

   It works for me. I am usually working in a pair of jogging or track pants so i don't have to change clothes between working and working out.

     Debonair is probably a word that will ever be used to describe me. I’m fine with that. 

    Instead of a tuxedo going out for the night to a fancy restaurant, I’m more likely to be seen in a pair of shorts and maybe a T-shirt going fishing. I have a license to fish; murder is not on my day's agenda. 

Any day.

   Fishing is on every day's agenda, but I hardly ever make it. Life has other ideas about where my time goes. One day I will fish in Heaven and every day after that, till then, I fish when I can.


On closer Examination

    After closer examination of what looked like a cool and adventurous life it turns out I am just not made for it. I don’t even really want a life like that. I got sold an idea of a life by marketing and movie magic. It happens a lot and to a lot of people.

    Marketing is everywhere and not much of it is promoting things or a life that God would want us to live. Its profit based or acceptance based, and it can be highly effective if we are not careful and grounded in the word of Jesus. Even then we can slip into brain numb "I want that", just don't stay there.

   They have whole departments dedicated to finding new ways to trick your mind into thinking it wants this or a life like that. That those people have a life I want to live. They use exciting images and music to sneak into your subconscious mind and try and persuade you into thinking what they want, and they do it on purpose.

    I’m not against marketing, at least not all of it. You can have ethics and work in marketing. You can be a Christian and watch TV. You just have to keep your blinders on. You have to keep asking yourself is what I’m seeing promoting a life God would want me to live?

    The life of James Bond is not a life Jesus wants me to live. If he did, he wouldn’t have made me the way he did. He wouldn’t have given me a good heart, he wouldn’t have given me a conscience, he wouldn’t have made me a writer. He wouldn’t have entrusted me with the level of faith in Him I have.

  I might not have James Bond super spy gadgets, but God did bless me with a lot of gifts. Mostly to be a light in the world and to encourage others to find their way to him. I am more grateful than I know how to write about the gifts he has given me and the life he prepared me for.

    Instead of a pen that shoots missiles I have a keyboard that writes articles. Hopefully they encourage people instead of killing them. Instead of a car that turns into a submarine, I have the internet and publishing to get my work out to the world. Instead of unlimited funds, I have unlimited Faith and forgiveness. Instead of being a ladies' man, he made the right man for the right woman. Instead of killing people, I encourage them. Instead of being suave and debonair, I am casual and a fisherman.

    No, I am not James Bond but I’m happy with who God did make me to be. I hope everyone finds who God wants them to be and I hope you are happy with whoever that is. God has a plan for everyone if we accept Him and that plan. It all starts when you start looking to Him and asking for His guidance and forgiveness. I pray you do. Heaven is going to be awesome, and I hope you make it. I pray everyone makes it. I know I will. One day I will fish in Heaven with Jesus.

Live by Faith, Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans