Pre Spawn

     Whenever people start talking about pre-spawn, 2 questions come up. What is it? and how do I fish it? The answers to both these questions are simple.

What is pre-spawn?

    Spawning is where fish start to mate. Just like most other creatures it happens in the spring. They look for a place to make a bed. Somewhere secluded and easily defendable, but close to a place to eat. 

    During this time, they also like to bulk up on calories. Their metabolism slows during the winter, so their extra weight is gone. And for spawning they need extra calories. Especially the females. Like with most of God's creations the male doesn't require a lot of calories to have offspring. When you look at how many eggs fish lay, that's a lot of extra calories needed.

    During pre-spawn the fish get over aggressive too. Males by defending their turf and females by needing extra calories. This means they strike at just about anything. They'll even hit just to get an annoying little fish or lure out of the way. This territorial and aggressive behavior is Great for fishermen.

When is Pre-spawn?

   Unlike us fish don't have calendars and phones to look at to tell them the time and day. But they can tell a difference in water temp. This, my friend, is the biggest factor in sparking off Pre-Spawn.

     So, when the ice melts, it's time to start looking for the places they might bed. They don't feed their, but they won't be too far away. When the water hits 50- 60 degrees it's time to spawn. So, the duration of pre-spawn varies from year to year and place to place.

How do I fish pre-spawn?

     This is the easiest part of it. During this time, they aren't picky about what. Throw something that looks like minnows. Throw something that looks like a crawfish, or frog, or worm. Throw something that vibrates. Throw anything they haven't seen. Starting to get the picture. This is why there is so much hype about it. It's fishing gone crazy.

     All you need to do is find where they are. Which can be anywhere they can ambush food. Dop offs, stump's, lily pads, grass. If they can wait and hide and get a meal, it might be worth checking. 

   Remember they are territorial during this time. When you find em you got em. Just be prepared. They are aggressive and are all hyped up on fish hormones, it's like bulls seeing red when that bait comes by.

    Now you know when, where, and how. I shouldn't have to tell you why. But just in case I will. Because we love it. Well, I do, I hope you do as well. If not, I'll take you some time. Enjoy the pre-spawn.