Whisker fish, or catfish. They're a type of ray fined fish that do NOT have scales. The do have barbels, or whiskers, which is where they get the name "catfish". I prefer whisker fish. Cat's hate water, these fish have whiskers, so whisker fish it is.

       They are found in fresh and saltwater ways all over the world. The only place they are not found is Antarctica.

    Some are considered delicious. Some they say don't taste well at all. Like the hard head catfish in saltwater on the Gulf of Mexico. (But if they say it tastes bad somebody ate it). 

      Some have teeth, like the goonch catfish in India. Which they say has developed a taste for people. (Might be another candidate for "This should be a shark). 

    Some have bone dorsal fins that are made to stick into something that would grab hold of it. Like the dreaded hard head again. Some of these are supposed to be poisonous. Poison or not it hurts like the dickens getting stuck by them.

The teeth of the Goonch Whisker fish

They are caught wild the world over. They are also one of the largest farmed fish the world over. Thanks to farming non-native species they have become invasive in some waterways. 

     They are one of the few fish still caught by hand. Not with a spear but with bare hands. A technique known as "noodling". This is done mainly in the southern US. States like Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee are the leading noodle tournament states. This takes a kind of courage I don't have,

Type of Courage I don't have. Noodling

        I have faith in the Lord and will do what I believe he tells me to do. But I feel like this might be testing him a bit. Turtles and snakes and alligators like those same holes. But if you're into that I wish you luck.

   All in all, whisker fish are one of the most numerous types of fish on the planet. They are also one of the most eaten and fished for. So, if you haven't tried whisker fishing, I suggest you do. They are good to eat, depending on the type. But they are all fun to catch in any way you see fit. Look for the noodling guide coming next week. And individual articles on each one. Well on some of the ones.