Blue Catfish

Ictalurus furcatus

    This is the largest catfish in North America. Ol Blue. They avg from 25 inches to 48 inches. They weigh in around 3 lbs average but the record is 143 lbs.

    They live in fresh waterways all along the US. They have also invaded the Chesapeake Bay. They were brought there to populate on river and have since found their way into most others. Thanks to a higher tolerance to salinity than expected, they can also be found in the bay.

   Like most catfish, they eat just about anything. Small fish, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, soap, food scraps. They hunt by smell with those whiskers, which are actually called barbells. And they can pick up a scent from a long way away. 


  • Not a lot of tips on these.

  • Use smelly bait. Soap, chicken livers, anything soaked in chicken blood. Ect.

  • They spawn in the spring, so look for the big ones then

  • Live or dead bait works, just as long as it smells


Yes, they eat crabs too. Good bait.

Good ol chicken livers. Good and smelly.