Rachycentron canadum

    The cobia, or lemon fish as it is more commonly known. Found from the Atlantic around through the Gulf of Mexico. They migrate in winter hand head south. 

  They grow up to about 6 feet and 100 lbs. The world record now is 178 lbs and was caught off of Brazil. Most are from 20 to 60 lbs. 

  They aren't picky eaters. They eat fish, crabs, squid, octopus, anything white. I've chummed them with bread. Whatever works right!

  They usually school around structure. Oil rigs, channel markers, reefs, rock piles. The bigger ones are usually cruising the shallow sand bars and flats. They cruise the surf looking for crabs and fish a lot too. 



Lemon Fish have a natural lemon flavor.


  • Try jigging structure like channel markers.

  • They also can be found cruising the surf or sand flats

  • Live eels are great live bait

  • Pieces of white straw make great jigs (Like a McDonalds straw)

  • If you get one on don't bring him in right away. The commotion will cause the others to strike anything that they see too

  •  Soft shelled crabs are a favorite of cobia

  • The sponge off of a crab makes great bait too, just make sure it's legal in your area

  • Small white trout make good live bait too

  • Be careful when handling them. The fin on their back is sharp and can cut you.

This is a Remora. They look VERY similar and do travel together. Look close for the sucker on the head, and lack of the dorsal fin.