Latimeria chalumnae

   Ahh, the coelacanth. This fish was thought to have been extinct over 400 million years ago. Till they caught one off the coast of Africa.

    Then they found more down there. Then they found them off of Indonesia.

   They are called "living fossils" because they have no other relatives alive now. That they know of.

  It's a type of lobed fin fish. This means its fins act more like feet then fins. They are more closely related to lungfish and amphibians than they are ray finned fish. 

   They live in deep waters. 150 to 200 meters. They eat other fish and are nocturnal.

    Adults grow to a little over 6 feet in length. The maximum weight is around 118 lbs.

   There are no fishing tips on this. It is a protected species now. However, prior to its rediscovery, it was eaten in Indonesia.

   The only reason I have posted this fish is to show that science isn't always as accurate as they try to pretend it is. This fish completely disappeared from fossil records over 400 million years ago, yet here it is. The fish didn't disappear, the fossils did.

   Let's go find big foot now.