Hydrocynus goliath

      No, it's not a dinosaur. It's not an artist's rendition. It's not even something out of a movie. It's the Goliath Tiger fish, and it's real. Creatures like this leave me in awe of our creator. My perfect balance on simulation games don't have things like this. It reminds me I don't have to understand the Lords plans just obey and do what he calls me to do.

    They are only found in Africa. Usually, they get up to about 4 ft, but larger ones have been caught. Mostly on the Congo River.

  They eat pretty much anything they can get that mouth around. The teeth are made to interlock, and the upper and lower jaws expand. Making a big surface to slice off anything in it. These have to be one of the scariest fish in the world. They are even Canabals. (Most fish are actually) _


This is the business end. The mouth opens wider than it's body.


  • They are eaten

  • Use a strong liter, like chain

  • Use shiny lures,

  • they are attracted to movement

  • They hunt by sight

  • Hand on tight if you hook one

  • Stay clear of that mouth