Bagarius Yarelli

    The Goonch is a type of Whisker fish. A very large and a very toothy Whisker fish.

   It's found in rivers in India. Even high up in the Ganges River where the waters get cold.

   As you can tell from those teeth it wanted to be a shark. It lives off of a diet of freshwater prawns, small fish, insects, and other crustaceans. 

    They grow rather large. Some have been caught up to 6 1/2 feet and over 200 lbs.

    It is also thought that it has developed a taste for human flesh. No joke.

   In India they burn bodies along the edge of the river, the remains are then swept away by the current. Not everything is burned away.

    The bits of people and the light of the fires attract the goonch. They have learned it as a sign of a free meal.

    They are still abundant but are on the watched list because of overfishing. 

   There are recorded attacks on humans every year. And they have even been witnessed attacking water buffalo. 

    Definitely wants to be a shark.