The grouper is a very large, mouthed fish that sucks in its prey by opening its mouth quickly creating a vacuum. There are 14 different types around the world. They range in sizes from small to large and are found in all depths of salt water. All of them are good to eat and highly sought after.

Goliath Grouper


   As you can tell from the picture, Goliath groupers are huge. They get up to about 8 ft long and weigh over 800 lbs.  They eat <ANYTHING>. Anything they can fit in their mouth, which is a lot.

       They are found all along the Atlantic Ocean, into the Caribbean, and even the Gulf of Mexico. Mainly in shallow estuaries and inland reefs. 

      They were so over fished in the southern Atlantic they were considered for endangered species list. They are still protected in the U.S. 



The mouth in action