Esox masquinongy

     The Muskie or Muskellunge is a huge freshwater fish in the Northern hemisphere. Yes, it has large teeth. Yes, it should be a shark. Look at that thing. Menacing. Not something you want to snuggle with.

     They can take prey up to 2/3's of its body length. Since they can get up to a little over 4ft that's a big prey item. Something a little over 2 ft. In one bite. See why I think it should be a shark.

     The name Muskellunges short for maashkinoozhe which means” Ugly Pike" It's a type of pike. But a lot harder to catch. Or at least get in. Thanks to the very tough mouth and all those teeth. One more reason it should be a shark.

    They eat anything they can fit in that 2/3's body that is stomach. Mainly, though, they feed on fish. But also eat amphibians, reptiles, shellfish, and probably a bird if they can.

   Sometimes of the year, mainly spawning time, they form into schools. Some of these formations they patrol in has given rise to lake monster legends. 

Tell me that's not a scene from "Jaws"


  • It's called the fish of a thousand casts. So the main thing you need, is patience and a lot of determination.

  • Use big lures to catch big muskie

  • Use a liter, those teeth can bite through line

  • Use heavy line and a tough rod and reel

  • Trolling with deep diving crankbaits works good when they are in the deeper waters

  • During spawning they tend to be territorial. Usually with a sandy bottom. And good ambush points

  • Use jigs that look like whatever bait fish they're feeding on in your area