Otherwise known as "The North American Toothless Piranha"! 


1. (Lepomis macrochirus). The scientific name for the brim. Usually called a bluegill. Sometimes referred to as a perch, sunfish, and "The North American Toothless Pirahna."

2.They are found in most fresh water sources across the United States. Ponds, rivers, lakes, bayou. They usually school around some type of structure. Docks, stumps, old Christmas trees. Lots of old real trees become brim beds.


3.They feed on insects, worms, tadpoles, smaller fish, small amphibians, and small crustaceans. They will also feed on bits of food. (Like bread).

4.Catching them is not too difficult. Use a small hook and light pound test line.

  • Popping cork and cane pole

  • Cork and hook

  • small jigs/artificial

  • hand line and small hooks

A really fun way to catch them is with really light tackle. Turn the drag almost all the way down and have fun. It's good practice on finesse, which comes in handy for some bigger fish, like bass, and specks. It's a really good way to teach the basics. And they taste good.

The South American version has teeth.!