Red Fish

{Sciaenops ocellatus}


 This is the red fish, or red drum. Has a slightly reddish color body with a large spot on its tail. Sometimes more than one spot. The record, 59 lbs., was caught on the east coast. They range from the Atlantic all the way around the Gulf of Mexico and into south America.


    They prefer shallow waters. Sand bars, mud flats, oyster reefs. They will be in water so shallow their back fins stick out of the water. They think their sharks. The smaller ones usually travel in small schools. Like speckle trout, when it gets cold, they go deeper. 


     They feed on smaller fish and crustaceans mostly. Bull minnows, finger mullet, live shrimp, squid, and small blue crabs are all on the menu.

Tips and Tricks

  • Look for sandbars and mudflats

  • They also like grass beds so they can ambush a quick meal

  • Use brightly colored lures

  • Gold is especially effective

  • Anything you use to catch speckled trout will usually work on redfish

  • You have better luck with live or artificial bait on redfish. They like their meals wiggling

  • Redfish like crustaceans. You can break a blue crab in half for a good bait