Lutjanus campechanus

     This the red snapper. A favorite of people and restaurants everywhere. And it should be. They taste amazing. People who don't like fish like them because they're not oily. Which means they are not that fishy tasting. Still makes me laugh. Fish that's not fishy tasting. 

    They live in water deeper than 40 feet. Usually. You can sometimes find them in shallower, but I wouldn't count on it. 

      They eat small fish, crustaceans, squid, and pretty much anything else that get's close enough to the structure they live by.

  They get up to about 50 lbs but most are around 15 to 30. 

   They are a favorite of fishermen of all types. Especially spear fishermen. According to some people the best tasting ones are speared. Because when they are caught on a rod the fight builds up lactic acid and they don't taste quite as good. I can't tell a difference. 


The best part of the snapper, the throat


  • No real secret to catching them. You just have to find them

  • Find structure. 

  • They don't migrate. If you find them at a place once, mark it on your gps. They should be there next time.

  • Usually the first few you bring in will be the biggest

  • Use jigs. Reeling up a hook from that depth to rebait is annoying.

  • If you use bait, use squid. 

  • Cigar minnows work too

  • You can use small croakers, pin fish,  or trout for live bait

  • Under the belly, between the gills is called the throat. Snapper throats are sought after by chefs and fishermen alike. Because it's the best part of the fish. Most people don't know this and throw it away. DONT DO THIS!