Oncorhynchus mykiss

   Rainbow trout are a subspecies of salmon. Native to cald water systems in North America and Asia. Some live in salt water but are called steelheads because they get more greyish

    They like water clear and cold. Usually found in shallow streams. They can also be found in lakes and reservoirs but will be deeper.

  The average size is about a foot long in streams. Though they CAN get a lot larger. The record is 50 lbs. Huge!

     They live on a diet of aquatic insect larvae, insects, and smaller fishes. 



  • Use a fly to match what they're feeding on

  • In summer fish deeper water/winter shallows

  • They also have excellent smell/ use salmon eggs

  • Cast upstream/ They ambush things floating DOWN river and won't see you

  • Murky waters use bright flies/clear use dull