"It takes, Finesse, to catch specks."

1.Cynoscion Nebulosus.

The spotted sea trout. Lives in salty to brackish waters all over the US and Atlantic. The record weight is 17 lbs. Average is about 2 to 4 lbs.

2.During the spring and summer months they like to feed in the shallows. As little as 1 ft. During the colder months they go deeper. The water at the bottom is usually a little warmer then than on top.

3.They live on a diet of mainly smaller fish. Poggi, small croakers, bull minnows, squid, shrimp. They are also cannibals' and eat smaller specks. 



"Specks are attracted to the noise of another one making a strike. Use a popping cork to attract them. Top water lures work good too."

The rattle trap is one of my favorites for specks! Yes, they rattle. 

"In the winter work your jig slower. Fish are cold blooded and move slower in cold water. And fish in deeper water than summer and spring."

Heres a link for the list of tips and tricks.Tips and tricks for Specks