Tips and tricks for Specks

    How do I catch more speckled trout? The simple answer fish more. Seriously! If you want to catch more, you have to fish more. Practice makes perfect. Not quite. You can practice doing something wrong all you want. You'll just be more comfortable at doing it wrong. But here are some tips and tricks to help you practice right. You might not ever be a pro, but you will get bragging rights and an at-a-boy here and there.

"And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes" Luke 5:6


  • Specks are attracted to the noise of another one making a strike. Use a popping cork to attract them. Top water lures work good too.
  • In the winter work your jig slower. Fish are cold blooded and move slower in cold water. And fish in deeper water than summer and spring.
  • On a really big speck you might only feel a little tick when they strike. It's usually your jig hitting their teeth. Pay attention to these little ticks. Set the hook on everything till you learn the difference. When you get it down, you'll be amazed at what comes in.
  • Pray. Most fishermen pray all the time anyway. Keep it up when you're not.
  • Don't force them too much. You'll pull the hook right out of, or through their mouth. Learn to use your drag.
  • Despite what were told, I don't hold my rod up. I hold it down on the bigger ones. They jump less and don't throw as many hooks.
  • Look for birds. They feed on the same bait fish as specks.
  • Look for eddies. Bait will be in the calm part. Cast there and work your jig back to the current. They wait for things to get swept away and take advantage of an easy meal. Might as well be your jig.