How to: Everything, kind of

    I’m an outdoorsman and fisherman, I’m also a writer. So, I have written a lot of guides and articles about a lot of different things for fishing and the outdoors. I also write about a lot of other things that don’t exactly fall into those categories. So, I decided I would make them all into one category and just call it How to Everything, kind of.

   Since everything is a lot of stuff it will be a work in progress. Sounds like a daunting endeavor I know, but I can do it. Eventually. We only fail when we stop trying.

   I usually write pretty quickly once God gives me direction. The ideas pop into my mind and I start typing. A little while later I’ve got a nice article written. A little editing later and it’s published. That’s how I usually write. Sometimes It’s more of a marketing article and I have to do some research and blah, blah, blah.  That’s when it’s work. SEO baby.


    The only way we fail is if we stop trying. So, lookout world here comes the How to Everything Guides series by

 If there is something you would like a guide to, send me an email with your suggestion on it and I will look into it. Keep in mind I am a Christian, so I won’t write things that conflict with my faith. If kids can’t look at it, I probably wouldn’t write it. They might not understand some of the topics I write about yet, but it's all family friendly. I think the world needs more values, morals, and ethics in it. 

    Did you know you can work in marketing and still have ethics? 

  You can, some make a choice not to though. I'll have an ethics guide one day too. Remember when I said EVERYTHING, kind of, it’s not a joke. It’s funny, but it’s not a joke. EVERYTHING! Kind of.

written by Benjamin Evans