Think Like a Fish!

     When I first started fishing, I would go find a spot that looked like a great place to fish. I would spend hours there, in a lovely little spot, and catch NOTHING. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. How could fish not be here? It looks perfect.

    It did look perfect: to me. Fish saw it another way. The bait didn’t find what they were looking for there and if the bait isn't there the bigger fish won’t be there. Instead of trying to find a spot that looks great for a person I needed to find places that looked great to fish. I needed to think like a fish.


   There is not a lot going on in the mind of a fish, most of the time, that I know of. Fish are not exactly the best conversationalists. Spawning season can be hectic but the rest of the time it’s pretty much just FOOD. Where is the food?

   They don’t have jobs. They don’t have families or friends. They don’t spend time on social media. It’s just Where is the food?

    Doesn’t matter if you are fishing offshore or in a pond that is pretty much the mindset of a fish most of the time. If you want to find them, you need to find the food. There are no restaurants or fast-food places for fish. There are places where bait gathers though.

    When it comes to bait selection the thing you should ask yourself is “If I was a fish would I eat that?

   If you are like me, you have probably looked at some lures and asked, “What do they think that is?”

    I honestly don’t have a real answer for it. People try new foods and things all the time and I think it might be the same with them.

  ‘Have you tried one of those?

No, but it looks tasty.

    I’ll try it.

    OH my gosh, it was so good, that he went crazy, swam erratically and then left the water to live on land. 

I want one, I want one.

   " I daydream a lot when I’m not catching anything. Which works out great for being a writer but doesn’t really help improve my fishing."

Think Like Bait

    What we call bait, fish call food, unless you eat sushi. To find fish we need to find their food, right? Their food does not want to be found. If they do get caught it’s over. Their mindset is different. The mindset of bait is, where will I not be found by the bigger fish but can still live.

   Can you imagine what people would like if the food they ate didn’t want them to eat it.   People running around chasing hamburgers and stuff     

     Changes the whole concept of fast food.

” I would love to try it, but it keeps getting away. It’s too fast. “

   To be honest that’s something that needs to change anyway. There is nothing healthy about fast food. You don’t have any idea what’s in that stuff. That’s an extremely large amount of faith people is putting into minimum wage earners who don’t want to be there. People trust them with their diet, but most don’t trust Jesus with their soul. See the problem. People will learn, eventually.

 Instead of thinking like a big fish sometimes we have to think like the little guys and know where to hide.

    The little ones are not as strong as the big ones so current, and tides do matter to them. They like to stay where the water is calmer. Places with natural eddies are GREAT. It has a strong current coming past a point and behind the flow will be a place of calm unmoving water. It’ll be visible to you.

    The predator fish wait in the current for the little ones to get swept into it and then swept into their mouths. The bait is in the calm the predators are in the current. This has always seemed illogical to me. If I was a fish, I would swim into the calm and eat what I wanted to. To me it would seem like it would take less energy to catch them in the calm waters instead of waiting in the current. There's also less competition there. This is why we have to think like a fish and not try to apply LOGIC to it.

      I know at some point I probably tried doing it my way but quickly learned the way that worked. Fish don’t do a lot of thinking, that I know of.


    Most fish are ambush predators. They wait in a hiding place until an unsuspecting little fish comes by and then WHAM, He just became dinner. I know it sounds bad, but we are going to make a meal out of them, so the cycle of life pays you back in kind, as long as you are at the top of the food chain. It’s not a perfect world YET. 

    As you can see there is a lot of hiding going on in the underwater world. There is also a lot of waiting. They say that luck is where opportunity meets preparation, in most underwater settings this seems to be who is the most patient and best at hiding.

   If you can find the places the little ones are hiding, look for the places the bigger ones would wait for one of them to make a mistake

 Instead of thinking like a big fish sometimes we have to think like the little guys and know where to hide.

  Drop offs are a good place fish like to ambush the little ones. The little fish usually stay up on the shallow flats and the predators wait in the deep part of the drop off. When something comes over the ledge, it becomes dinner. Cat at the shore and reel towards the drop to mimic the little fish getting lost and if everything goes according to plan you should get a bite. That is a big if by the way, this is still fishing and not catching.

    Sunken debris or wrecks are also a good place to find fish. The little ones use the cover for protection which makes it a grocery store for the bigger ones. Even grass beds work too. Anywhere little fish can hide is potentially a good place to fish. Somewhere around that structure is something bigger waiting for something smaller to swim out of cover. That something might as well be our lure


    This is another little trick that works on fish but not so much on people. Fish feed on what they know, usually. If they get hooked a few times by something they get skittish about it and wont hit it anymore. When they see something different, they nail it.

    “Ohh, what is that?”

   “ I don’t know but I’m going to eat it.”

    When was the last time you heard a person say that? Have you ever heard a person say that? Are they still around? Interesting little bit if history, all the things we eat, were at one time something people didn’t know was edible. How hungry were people when they were trying to figure out mushrooms. People can be determined sometimes, it’s just not always good determination.

If you are throwing a lure that looks exactly like the bait the fish are feeding on and you know they are feeding, throw something that looks different and see what happens. I won’t guarantee that it will work, but it can’t do any worse. You can always change lures again. The word fishing is synonymous with trying. It’s not called catching for a reason. 

    When you go out looking for a place to fish don’t look for a spot that looks good to you. Find a spot that would look good to fish. Look for cover and eddies: that’s where the bait will hide. Look for drop offs and other ambush points.: That's where the predators will be. Predator like an easy meal: Use a bait that mimics an injured baitfish that’s in the area. If all else fails, throw something they haven't seen.

    As far as I know fish don’t do a lot of thinking, neither should we. Overthinking fishing starts turning it into something horrid: WORK. This is one thing that is supposed to be enjoyable and easy. If something doesn't think it can find bait and catch it, we shouldn’t have any trouble catching them. (I don’t know if the sarcasm came through in that statement. But it is there) Find the food and you’ll find the fish. Then I think we have less say in what happens that we want to admit. Be happy fishing and you’ll never be disappointed by what you catch.



Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!