How to: Climb a Mountain

    In life there are mountains we have to climb. If we choose to. Some people are content to stay on ground level and not make waves. Some are called to something else. Some people don’t like what they see and look for a way to change it. These people climb mountains. 

   These are the people who think the mountain wouldn’t be there if it didn’t want to be climbed, right?

   That all depends on what God calls you to do. 

   If God calls you to climb mountains, then you need to know a couple of things before you take off and start climbing. Well, you can do it that way, but a little information might help you succeed. It will at least minimize your challenge and I want people to succeed. I believe God does too. So, if you are going to climb a mountain here’s a preview of what’s in store and hopefully some help with your challenge ahead.

Choosing the right one

    Once you have decided it is in your best interest to climb a mountain, you have to decide which mountain you want to climb. Not all of them are the same. The Goldilocks Rule works best for this.

    That one is too tall and steep. Nobody could climb that thing without the help of others and even then, it might be imposable. At the very least not worth it. None of them are worth dying over So, I don’t want that one. 

   Then there are: Nobody thinks I can climb it but me. That’s the one God wants me to climb. It’s like David versus Goliath So that one is perfect!


   (It’s not really like David versus Goliath. David didn’t pick that fight. God did, David just did what he was told to do by God. Climbing mountains isn’t like that at all but it does apply to something else in life. Don't start with this mountain either)

   That one isn’t tall or steep enough. Anybody could do that. These are perfect starting points for climbing mountains. That one is just right. Just like goldilocks said, "This one is just right".

   Since this is the first mountain you will climb, stick with just right one. Later on in your journey you can work up to the one that might require you to be Spiderman to scale but that will come after you gain experience.  Safety always comes first when you climb mountains. None of them are worth dying over.

     That should be the number one question on your mind when you climb mountains: “Is this worth dying over?”

     The next question should be “How likely am I to get killed on this mountain?”

    That’s the equation we have to assess as we climb. The difference in the answers to question one and question 2 should tell you when it is time to STOP and head down.

    The answer to question one is always NO! Climbing a mountain is never worth dying over.  

  Most things in life are not worth dying over. If you haven't figured this out already, you will soon. I will give you a hint: There is only one thing that you should give up your life before losing. If you give that up, I hope you learn to be very cautious until you find a way to get it back. 



     Question number 2 has some variation to it. 

  • Not likely at all
  • Maybe
  • As long as Nothing goes wrong
  • Possibly
  • Leaning more toward yes
  • Extremely likely 
  • That’s certain DEATH!
  • Just thinking of attempting this will take years off your life

   When you get to “Extremely Likely” it might be time to turn around. Some people will keep going through. The reasons for this are unknown to me and I’m not trying to understand them. I usually turn around when possible. I like living. God has a plan for me, and I plan on seeing it through. Which is a sort of mountain climbing but it doesn’t involve dying for nothing so I’m good on those mountains.

Bringing the right Equipment

     After you have decided on which mountain to climb, the next thing you need to do is make sure you bring the right gear. To know what gear to bring you are going to need to know a few things about that mountain.

  •    What will the temperature be like up there?  It might be pretty warm down in the valley but once you start climbing the temperature can drop dramatically. This has always seemed a bit backwards to me because Heat rises but the temperature drops when you go up in altitude. Supposedly it has something to do with the lack of air, but hot air rises above cool air, so I don’t think they have really looked into this. Science it seems is not an exact science. Just stick with the basic rule and forget the science: The higher you go the cooler it will be.
  • How long will it take? This is a big one. You will either have to bring enough food and water to finish your mountaineering excursion or live off the land. Water might not be that hard to acquire but food is something I don’t take chances with. One in the hand is worth two in the Bush. My motto is to bring more than I need. If it will take a day, bring food for 3. You can go longer without food than water but why change it. When your calories start getting low your decision-making skills start dropping. I eat pretty healthy normally. I never eat fast food. You don’t know what those people are putting in that stuff. I would recommend dehydrated foods. They have all the calories and nutrients but none of the weight. Most of the weight is in the water which we carry separately. Pack plenty of good nutritious dehydrated foods. If you will be getting your water from the land, make sure you have a way to purify it. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it is. Boil it, purifying tablets, they have siphons that purify it too, some you can drink straight out of a water source like drinking through a straw. And they weigh nothing. Awesome!


  You will still need to bring the other stuff: Backpack, sleeping bag if overnight, Tent if needed, rope if needed, multitool. And always check Probably won't but could happens list | Catch More! Because they do happen. Be prepared and walk with faith and it will turn out the way God wants it to. All we can do is keep trying. 

    That mountain was asking to be climbed or it wouldn’t have been there, right?

Don’t forget the camera

    Anybody can CLAIM they did this and did that, but some people are also known to lie. If you want anyone to actually believe you did it, you will need to bring a camera. Taking all the selfies you can to show everybody every single step and move you make on the mountain seems to be what most people think you should do. I have a BOLD NEW IDEA I like to call a SELFLESS!

  SELFLESS - A picture that does not include the person taking it in the picture itself.

   I know the idea of a picture without your face in it seems like a revolutionary and monumental accomplishment for some people, but we are trying to do something different. We want to show people what it looked like from up there. We want to show them what we saw. We want to encourage them to climb up there and see the view we saw. We are not going to promote ourselves but the accomplishment as a person that can be accomplished by anyone. We are inspiring others to climb their own mountains not just saying look what I can do.

   Mind Blowing right!

   It’s going to be a brave new world and hopefully a better one. Time will tell but first we need to get climbing.

Getting Up There!

    Unfortunately, I cannot actually tell you how to get to the top. Each mountain presents its own set of problems so there isn’t really a “this is how to” it. There is only one summit but many ways to it. Unless that summit is Heaven and then yes there is only one way to get there. Luckily getting there is actually pretty easy, all you have to do is ask forgiveness and you're in. Forever. No one can take it from you. EVER! No matter how many times we stubble.

   If climbing mountains was that easy everybody would do it. (You would think everybody would choose to go to Heaven when they die but some people don’t, and I don’t want to know why.) 

   I can tell you this: Going up is always harder than going down and not even as easy as staying on level ground. It takes effort to go against gravity. 

    Gravity is that force that always wants to pull us down until we are on something that stops our descent: Like the ground. 

 Gravity does not want us to go up that mountain. It will try and pull us back down the entire way. It is relentless. Even when it knows it is going to lose it still tries to pull us down. Not even science knows how it really works, it just does. I’m sure God has a reason for this. I know he has a plan. Maybe he just wants to see who will try hard enough to make it up there. I don’t know. When I’m fishing in Heaven, I’ll ask him why there is so much Gravity.       

     Why don’t we have Moon Gravity? Do you know how many scars I would not have if we had Moon gravity?

    A lot Less.

     Something in me keeps striving to climb mountains and I have the scars to prove it. 

   Think of all the things you never would have dropped and broken or spilled. It would have just floated gently to the ground or been caught before it hit.

Why can't science do that? Moon Gravity would have been a lot better than Global warming.

One day gravity, One day.

    You might find an easy path up the mountain, and you should look for one. Sometimes there isn’t an easy road though. It’s hard all the way up and this is even better, or it will be when you get up there. Then when you look back down, you’ll be astonished that you made it. So will everybody that said you couldn’t do it. Until you did. Some people might like you even less because of this. That's on them, not us.

 Don’t forget to be selfless. We want to encourage others to climb their mountains too.

Now your up there, what’s next


    What now?

   That’s entirely up to you. Spend some time reflecting on the journey. Camp and watch the sunset and sunrises from your new sky vista. Make a campfire and enjoy a well-earned good meal and a good night's rest Under Heavens Eaves, Camping / blog articles | Catch More!

    It might have taken a lot of work to get up there so enjoy it for a moment. You earned it! 

   I like to write about my experiences of mountain climbing. Hopefully it might help someone else climb their own mountain. It might make someone smile. It might encourage people. It can do a lot of things. If we do it and share our experience with others.

   Be selfless.

  If we do Nothing, then Nothing will happen.

  Eventually we have to come back down but this is always easier than going up. This is the only time gravity works to our benefit. It wants us to back down at ground level anyway. Gravity will never be able to keep you down any longer though. Climbing mountains gets easier the more you do it. Just don’t forget about the “Probably won’t but could Happens”. They will keep happening just like gravity, but they get easier to deal with too.

    We learn from our mistakes and every time we climb another mountain it will be easier than the one before it. It’s called experience and it does not come easy. Once you have it though, no one can take it from you. It’s like having your name written in the book of Heaven once it’s there it lasts forever. 

   Yes, I do climb Mountains. 

  One day you will say that too. You just have to pick one and start. Don’t forget to be selfless.

Live by faith, Love the Outdoors, Life is Out

written by Benajmin Evans