In today's crazy world of instant information, we get overloaded with marketing. A lot of things we see are specially designed to make us want to say yes to it. Purchase this! Yes! Want this! Yes! Need this! Yes! It can play havoc with our basic needs and wants.

    You have to know when to say NO! You have to have limits. You have the right to not be part of things and to have boundaries. It’s your life not theirs. God never says Them, he says YOU! These are just a few of the things I have repeatedly said no to and will continue to say no to.

Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is the outdoor activity of climbing vertical surfaces of rock. This is something I have no interest in. I don’t like falling, I don’t like clinging to the side of a mountain like a bug, and it looks an awful lot like work. In fact, I’m sure there is a lot of work involved in climbing a mountain and I like to enjoy myself in the outdoors.

    If this is something that appeals to you then you should try it. I will watch from someplace I can fish. If you get into trouble, I will be more than happy to call someone, but I am not coming up there to rescue you.

    There are more fun ways than I can count to go DOWN a mountain but climbing up the side of it seems crazy to me. They have lifts to get you to the top and if they don’t people probably should not be there.

   Birds have their own spaces, and I cannot fly.

    Most people who rock climb use ropes and metal things to secure them to the rock face. In case they fall they have a safety line. Instead of plummeting to the ground they swing and get bashed on the rocks. Then they start climbing again. I guess. I haven't looked into this that much because I know it’s not for me. These people are not the craziest ones up there though.

    The truly adventurous, or insane, depending on how you look at it, don’t use any safety equipment. 


    They don’t have any ropes, no little metal things, absolutely nothing holding them onto the rock but their fingers and feet. I applaud the self-confidence they have but if anything goes wrong, it’s probably over. Way up in the air without a safety line is not the place to encounter a “probably won’t but could happen” because as we all know “THEY HAPPEN.”

    I can honestly say this is something I will never do unless it's in one of the indoor walls and is completely safe and controlled. I'm fine with that but out there. NO WAY!


     Sky diving is one of the most insane things people have ever come up with. The plane for all intents and purposes is still good and still flying. It’s even going to land. Why would I want to race it to the ground? It has wings, I don't. I’m not doing this either.

    The whole idea is to freefall for however many feet down and then pull a cord on your chest that releases a parachute. Then you descend safely to the ground like a feather. That’s the idea anyway. You also have to carry a reserve chute in case the main one fails.

    That’s where I said WAIT!

    If it doesn’t open. In case of failure. Not a great pep talk. 

    You already know the chances of it not opening are good enough for me to have to carry a spare but you’re still trying to say it’s safe. We clearly have a different definition of what safe is. Safe is staying in the plane until I absolutely have to leave it. What you want me to do is not safe. I like living and this doesn’t look like a great way to keep doing it. I’ll pass on this too.

Cave Diving

    I have never been scuba diving, but I would like to try it one day. Snorkeling is fun, so staying under longer and going a little deeper might be fun. In the right places anyway. There’s a lot of places in the world I’m not willing to see what's underneath the water. 

    I do a lot of fishing and I know what’s down there. Fresh water, oh yeah, let’s go, unless it’s freezing. Mild to warm freshwater lakes too far north for alligators or crocodiles and I’ll be more than happy to do a little exploring. With one exception. Caves.

    A big dark cavern underwater where I have no idea what is in it is not my idea of a fun filled day. Anything could happen there. I could get lost and run out of air, my equipment could malfunction, it might be somethings' home and I don’t want to disturb it. There are these things in the world known as the “probably won't but could happens” and a lot of them could happen in an underwater cave. I’m leaving these places to the fishes and whatever else might be in there. It's all safe from me. See you top side.

Car Racing

    I can appreciate how fast and precise some of our modern vehicles can go. If you know what you are doing in them, you can do some truly amazing things or get killed. I’m competitive with some things but this is not one of them. Seeing who can go around a track the fastest just doesn’t appeal to me. At least not in a car.

   Go karts. I’m in. The little ones with bumpers all around so you can purposely run into each other look like a lot of fun. Anything bigger than that and I don’t need company in my lane. I guess I just don’t really care who can go the fastest like that. It stops being fun and starts looking like work or just risking your life for things I don’t want either.

 4wheelers in the mud. Sure. I’m not going to race one but just going mud riding. That’s fine. Pretty much anything in the mud for fun and I’ll probably give it a try. I just don’t care if I can do it faster than you. I don’t feel the need to prove my worth like that. Would God let me into Heaven because I drove faster than anybody else. NOPE!

    From what I can tell God likes the humble more than the proud. He wants us to enjoy ourselves some but not everything is a competition. The real competition is with ourselves. To be a better form of ourselves, not the fastest.

   I don’t have a problem with some team sports. That’s more of a healthy kind of competition. The lessons are better, and you usually aren’t worried about getting killed doing it. They also keep you healthy physically. 

    Team sports are usually more about what we can do instead of what I can do; There is a difference.

   So, team sports can be good. Car racing is bad. Go karts look fun. Driving in the mud can be fun too. Yep, that’s about it. Limits.

Just Say NO!

    As much as I like the outdoors there are a whole slew of things, I am not willing to do. It’s known as having limits. The things we are not comfortable doing are part of our limits. Whether they are based on safety, morals, or whatever you have to have them. 

    I don’t have a problem with people going out and doing some of that stuff if THEY want to, but I am not. There are some things I don't think anyone should be doing but I'll let God and the right people deal with that. My life is pretty important to me, and I don’t like taking unnecessary chances with it or with anyone else's.

    That’s just a few of the limits I have. There are probably more things I won’t do than things I will do. I don’t want to get in the water with a GREAT WHITE SHARK even if I am in a cage. I’m fine watching from the safety of the boat, and I’ve caught enough sharks to know what they can do and seen enough videos of sharks getting into those shark proof cages to know it can happen. Good luck to anyone doing this. I will not be joining you.

     I also don’t fish for Tarpon. Yes, it is a sport fish and puts up an amazing fight. They jump and run and splash like nothing else. I also cannot eat one. It’s all catch and release and sometimes the fish dies later from exhaustion. If I could eat the thing, I probably would want to catch it but catching it just to catch it knowing it might die from it does not appeal to me. I’ll leave it to you to make up your mind about it. God created them for a reason long before we started catching them. People have a tendency to act without thinking. Until something happens that makes them start to think. We're great with hindsight but . . . 

   These are just a fraction of things I won't do, and they are all outdoors. In the rest of the world there are a multitude of things I say NO to. It would be an entire encyclopedia set of things that violate my moral or safety limits, or just look like more effort than I think the reward is worth. I have to live with myself, and I like living. I really do.

    I make mistakes all the time but that’s part of life. No one is perfect and does everything right every time. Things can be complicated especially when it involves other people. I have learned to say NO to them too even when it makes me unpopular. Doing what is right doesn't always make people like you. I would rather be unliked for the right reasons than liked for the wrong ones. That's me though.

 In the end we are judged by God not people. If you are concerned with what people want for you then you need to get really good at determining their motivation. Do they want it for you or them? If it’s for you then they will appreciate your limits, people looking out for themselves won’t. If they don't appreciate your limits just walk away from them politely. Run if they follow. Never give in to them.

    So, if you like living you have to learn to have limits not just in what you do but who you do it with. God is pretty good at letting us know who the right people for us are and who the wrong ones are if we let him. I trust God, people, well, not a lot of them. The ones I do respect my limits. I hope the ones in your life do too.




Live with faith, Love the outdoors. Life is Out HERE!.

written by Benjamin Evans