Wrong Turns Right 

     I was watching something this morning and heard a conversation about wrong turns leading to something. IDK. They were kind of on the right track. They just hadn’t had that eureka moment yet. They had the question wrong. They hadn’t got to the point where you can make a wrong turn right. 


    You have to have a plan in life. We are taught this from as early as we can remember. What are you going to take in school to prepare you for after school? Are you going to college or trades? What are you going to be when you grow up? I love that one. I'll let you know when I do, personally I like my childlike wonder of the world and how I live in it.

    The point is we are taught we have to have a plan for everything we do in life. It never stops. We are conditioned to believe that no matter how far we have come we are still supposed to be planning what’s next. There never seems to be that point when it gets to OK, I’m here. All MY plans are finished, now I can just enjoy the work I did.

    They call this point retirement, after you do everything, you were taught you were supposed to do, now you can enjoy not having to do anything. WHAT? Who came up with this plan? Good question. One that is above my pay grade and probably doing quite well off of everybody else's plans that didn’t work. HMMMMMM.

Still Not Working

     As most statistics will tell you, most of these plans don’t go to plan. Life doesn’t work on our agenda. This gets messed up, that doesn't work, at least not by our plan anyway. Then other things start to set in. Anxiety, stress, social problems, and eventually it gets to the point of sickness and disease. None of which were part of the great plan we had. So how did it get to this? If I do everything by the plan, why did it still not work? 

   But being the troopers we have learned to be, most people assume they should just try harder. They continue on working harder, working more. Continually hoping that one day my beautiful plan will pay off. One day it will be exactly the way I want it to be. On they trudge into a plan that wasn't right for them from the beginning, because they were misguided or misinformed about what their part in the Big Plan was.

 It’s even led to a whole job market of people we don’t need. Life coaches and motivational speakers, or as I like to think of them: Con artists.

    These people have figured out that there are some people in the world so desperate to make THEIR plan work that they will pay others to give them advice and keep them motivated about THEIR plan. “All you need is the right attitude to change it all. I will tell you the secret words that will make your plan work, for only $99.99 a month” If I keep paying these criminals money, one day I will wake up and all my dreams will magically come true.

    Just think how much closer you would be if you weren't paying them to keep you focused on something that was making you miserable to begin with. When you came up with your plan for life did it involve life coaches and motivational speakers?

 Did it involve God? Maybe this is the part you were missing.

You didn’t need a life coach, you needed to go fishing and start listening to a real plan maker.

  As a fisherman and lover of the outdoors there are certain lessons, we all learned. Usually the hard way.

   It doesn't matter how perfect I do everything; I am not guaranteed to catch anything. I need to enjoy being there and why God wanted me to be there. Maybe he just wanted to talk. Maybe I needed a break. Catching something is usually a bonus not a guarantee.

    If I go to the perfect spot, throw the perfect lure, at a fish I know is feeding because I’ve witnessed him devour several other things that came his way, I still might not catch that fish.

   Is it frustrating? It can be. You’ll scratch your head and start replaying the whole thing wondering what you did wrong. You’ll even start to wonder what else could I have done?

  You’re on the edge of a eureka moment now but you need to change the tense of that question to start getting the answers you actually need.

    From “What else could I have done?” should be “What else should I be doing?”

   Now you are getting somewhere. Wrong turns right are within your grasp.

 Sometimes, when we are fishing, we have to change lures. Sad but true, we cannot force fish to bite anything. When the perfect plan doesn’t work, change lures. Change location, change anything. Change everything.

You still might not catch anything. WHAT?

 As fishermen and lovers of the outdoors, we know and accept this.

  Some Days we will not catch a single fish.

Then why do you keep doing it?

  The next eureka moment.

    If my plan was to acquire fish, I would go to the store and buy them. That’s honestly the only way I know I’m guaranteed to get one. I’m not really fishing just to catch fish though.

I like being there.

   It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful. It’s the world the way God intended it to be. It all works together according to a bigger plan. It all works according to God's plan.

     Outdoors people all know that there is someone else in charge. There are absolutely no way humans with their small minds could conceive a world that works as perfectly as the natural world does. They can’t even make a life plan that works.

    So, what do we do?

Let God

    The outdoors and fishing people have accepted something most of our lives that apparently the rest of the world either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to admit:

     We are not as in control as we think we are.


    I’ve got a whole list of things I pack for “probably won’t but could happens”. Because they happen. On the other end of the scale, sometimes things turn out more amazing than we hope for. Sometimes we actually catch fish. Either way I’m happy to have been there. I have a very simple plan. Do what God calls me to do and enjoy the life he blesses me with. My plan is to go with his plan for me. There went stress and anxiety and all the other negatives. My heart is free, and I love the life and the work he has for me.

    I enjoy fishing, I like the outdoors. I don’t expect anything from it except to enjoy it. I have no plans or expectations that it needs to meet. I learned to let GOD’s plans work. That’s my main plan. Listen to what he tells me and enjoy all of it the best I can.

       It will not be all sunshine and legendary fishing trips. We make mistakes. We're flawed. Luckily, he already knows this when he made the plan for us.

   If you haven't been taught that God is in charge yet then I am sorry, because he probably has been trying to tell you, but you went to a life coach to block him out. And it’s still not working. HHMMMM.

   This is the part only some people are taught growing up. God is in charge, and we need to listen to him and let him. He does have a plan and his plans do work.

    There is a catch to it though. God isn’t going to make YOUR plan work; he will help you work according to his plan though. WHAT?

   Sorry to be the one to tell you this but if you haven't found anything to make your plan in life work, it might be time for a new plan. Maybe it’s time you got on board with God’s plan. As far as I know there is NOTHING in this world that will guarantee things will work according to YOUR plan, but it will always work according to God’s plan.

    I’m speaking from experience. I tried several different occupations before I finally went with God's plan for me. I tried construction, I tried being a chef, I probably had quite a few other ideas about what I should do for a vocation before I finally accepted what God had been trying to tell me to do.


   When I was on all those other plans all I was doing was making myself miserable and frustrated because things were not working the way I thought they should. I was on the wrong path. I was surrounded by the wrong people. Wrong goals, well some were right just looking in the wrong places to actually have them. It got right when I decided to let God make me a writer.

  I don’t know if you are aware of this but being a writer might not seem like the smartest career choice. It’s like fishing, you aren’t guaranteed to make a living at it. Construction would have been a lot safer plan, for some people it works out great, that’s what their plan is. Just not mine.

    I can say this since I started writing I have never felt more like I was on the right plan in my life. I don't know where it will take me but I’m glad I’m on the right path. Wrong turned right, finally. And there are ways to make a decent living being a writer. Will I be rich and famous? I hope not, but if I ever am it will because God has a need for me to be that. Those are things I would never pursue for myself.

   So, if you are struggling, or feeling anxiety, or stress, or simply feel like something isn’t right, instead of paying a life coach or motivational speaker, try talking to God. He always listens, and he does answer. He might have put the answer close to you all along, you just got misled into looking somewhere else. That’s another lesson. Trusting God, not people. At least not all people. For now, just try letting that wrong turn right and let God.

Oh, and learn to fish.

You can learn a lot about life from fishing.   God is a fisherman too, but he catches. we fish. Find faith and find Jesus and you might find the right plan for your life. In fact, I know you will. But don't go thinking everything is going to perfect after that.

It will be better. 

    Then the real work starts.

Enjoy the Outdoors, Life is Out Here!

written by Benjamin Evans