The Ultimate “Probably Won’t but Could Happens” List

   Life in our homes is usually predictable. People, for the most part, are creatures of habit. They like to know what is going to happen tomorrow or that it will probably at least be like today. All they have to do is watch the weather to know how unlikely that is. But as long as it’s just the weather that’s seemingly unpredictable, they feel OK.

   For those of us who like to venture out into the wild places and into the unknown, we know anything can happen. It might be amazing, it might not be, but things we don’t count on are going to happen. That’s why we pack for the “probably won’t but could happens”.

    The saying plan for the worst and hope for the best is a good motto when packing for an outdoor excursion. When you get out there it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    I’m a Christian and a lot of times I rely on faith and God to get me through, but I also go with a plan for when things don’t go right, or I just didn’t listen. Sometimes our ego says one thing and God tells us another. "It won’t be that bad", and then it is. That’s a “probably won't but could happen.”


[ "I’ve used clay and mud to seal cuts, but when the belly is empty, we’re in trouble."] 



    It might not even be me that needs the items on the list. Others are out there too, and they might be in need of assistance. A good Samaritan is a prepared one. The “could happen” might even be happening to them. We look out for each other in the outdoors. We need that everywhere else too, because the "probably won't but could happens" happen everywhere. If you break down in a boat, the first one that comes by will usually offer assistance but break down in a car and see how many fly by you without any concern at all. That’s the “probably shouldn’t but is happening” world we live in. Eventually we will fix that too.

    You might think, `"Why would I need that where I’m going? I would never need a Poncho in the desert. " That’s exactly when you will end up needing it. They aren’t called the “Probably won't but could happens” for nothing. Luckily ponchos are the most inexpensive part of any good list. Some things can be expensive: experience is one, courage another. Neither one of them is easy to get, but it gets easier once you have them. So is confidence.

   Just keep in mind that this list is ever growing and ever changing to meet the needs of the “probably won’t but could happens” as we encounter them. There will always be those times where we say, “I wish I had this?"  Whatever that is and afterwards we will add it to the list so that future generations won’t have to have that moment.

     Eventually we might live in a perfect world, one where the weather people have accurate predictions and politicians are honest, and all people are good, and we have 4 mild seasons a year, and I could go on. Till then, plan for the “probably won’t but could happens”. Just don't let them stop you from enjoying life. God likes us to be prepared not fearful.

    Below is the list in progress. If the link is not working yet, it's because the article is not finished yet. The inspiration has been given but I have not finished the task. Yet. You have to keep checking. There's a lot of "Probably won't but could happens" out there. I will eventually "TRY" to cover most of them. This is in NO WAY all you will ever need. I am just trying to help as best I can.

Live by Faith.

The first aid kit









written by Benjamin Evans