One of the ironies of life, or one that I have noticed, is that we have no idea what tomorrow will bring but we expect it to bring a lot of things. Sometimes God does bring some of those expectations to fruit, sometimes not. People usually get disappointed when their expectations don’t work out how they wanted them to. 

    I have been guilty of this myself and I try not to do this anymore. I created my own disappointment because of what I expected to happen. I try to keep my expectations low and my prayers high, or I pray a lot. I try not to be too specific in what I ask God for because that is putting an expectation on Him. He could do it, but He might have another plan. His are usually better than mine, though they might not be the easiest to achieve. Faith is something we have to build. Expectations usually get in the way of that too, but He does have a plan. There’s a lot less disappointment in life if we let God make the plans and keep our expectations out of it.

Fishing verses catching

      As a fisherman I am well aware that expectations usually lead to disappointment. Depending on what you are expecting. E-or expected to be disappointed, soooooo.


    If I do everything I have to and have free time I might be able to go fishing, it might even be with someone I really enjoy spending time with, and we might even catch a fish. There’s a lot of maybes in there and a whole lot of “probably won't but could happens” could happen first. If I’m lucky I might get to go fishing but I am never guaranteed to catch anything. I’m fine with that.

    If I’m fishing, I’m happy. I enjoy the chance to fish. I pray often for a chance to go. That prayer gets answered, sometimes. Do I pray to catch a record-breaking trout? NEVER.

    If I start fishing with the expectation of catching the record just because I prayed for it means I’m going to be disappointed a lot of the time. I change my expectations to just being happy to go fishing, sometimes. Then I am never disappointed.

   It took a while to learn this. Once I got a little bit good at fishing, I thought I would be a pro and I would travel around fishing for a living. Then reality showed me that wasn’t going to happen, at least not any time soon. I do still have a retirement dream about it, but it is in no way something I would ever EXPECT to happen.

    Could it happen? With God anything is possible. Will it happen, I don’t know, I can’t see the future. Do I plan on it? NOPE! If it does it would be amazing but I’m not going to be disappointed if it doesn’t. I’m happy just getting to go, anything more is more than I expected.

     Fishermen kind of have it easy when it comes to expectations. We wouldn’t fish much if we didn’t.

We cast with FAITH.


   Despite all attempts and all our tech and all the science, weather is still something beyond our realm of predictability. That’s why weather people work in percentages. There might be a percent chance of this tomorrow. That’s an expectation. Several actually. Seems a lot like fishing to me.

   If you try enough eventually you might catch one. If you make enough predictions about the weather eventually you might get one right. There's an awful lot of math involved to prove how accurate they are NOT. If they were really that good at what they do would they need to say there is a CHANCE of it happening?

    The expectations here are two-fold. The weather people expect to be right. The people adjusting their life because of what they say are expecting them to be right too. They are also expecting whatever weather situation will happen.

    They do OK with the big stuff, hurricanes, blizzards and stuff. They can tell you there are those storms out there just not when and where it will come. There is a lot of marketing going on in the weather that I’m not getting into.


     You have to have lower expectations with the weather. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. People did fine for thousands of years without meteorologists. Maybe better without all the added expectations to deal with.

   There are a couple of weather expectations that are reliable.

    “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight.” It has been reworded a little bit but that actually comes from the bible. Jesus said it in a sermon. It is one weather prediction you can count on. Just ask sailors if you don’t trust the Bible.

    If you really want to know what the weather is doing, walk outside. Carry an umbrella when it’s sunny, just in case There are a whole lot of “probably won't but could happens” when talking about weather.

    If you make plans because of weather predictions, you WILL be disappointed at some point. Don’t make expectations on other people's predictions. Live by FAITH.


    The difference in genius and insanity is usually the end result. Supposedly. I’m sure there are a lot of people who might disagree with it though. Especially since we don’t really fail until we stop trying. Edison had 10,000 failed attempts at making a lightbulb. He looked insane for the first 9,999 attempts. Then. Uh Oh. Maybe he isn’t crazy.

     He said he didn't fail all those other times, he just found 9,999 ways to NOT make a light bulb. I love his optimism. Most people would have moved on from the idea and done something else. He expected to find a way that worked, and he did.

   Did he get disappointed during that time? Probably. That’s a lot of failed attempts if you are expecting it to work. Unless it became like fishing to him.

  I make a lot of casts without catching anything, but I expect them all to catch a fish. Till I reel it in. Then I just cast again. Till I catch one or call it a day. Then I’ll come back next time and start casting again. I just like being there.

    Maybe that’s what happened with Edison and the light bulb. They were just casts till he caught one. Maybe he just liked what he was doing? Maybe he believed in what he was doing?

    I don’t really know there isn’t a lot written about what he did during the failed attempts, just the one that worked.

   Just like fishing. We have stories about the ones we caught, or a really unbelievable one that got away.

    Point is people probably thought he was crazy, till he got one to work. If he had listened to others' expectations of what he was doing, we would all be reading at night by oil lamps right now. He had another idea. 

    Don’t let other people's expectations influence what you are doing. You only have to get it right once. Live by FAITH.

The sunrise

      The sun will rise tomorrow. This is an expectation that will never disappoint you. Tomorrow will come. If it doesn’t you probably won’t know till it’s over anyway. Nothing to worry about, as long as you're good with the man upstairs.

    Knowing that the sun will rise does not mean we have any idea on what it will look like. This is a great way to teach yourself just how unlikely our predictions are to be true.Write down what you think the sunrise will look like in the morning. Get as specific as you can. The colors, clouds, stars, everything you can think of that will be in the sunrise tomorrow.

    When the next morning gets there, walk outside and see how wrong you were. Now ask yourself this question: Why does it not disappoint me?

   Probably because sunrises are always amazing. We see them all the time but never try and predict what tomorrow's sunrise will look like. We are just amazed at the beauty and wonder of it whenever and whatever it is. We, as people, enjoy sunrises. Nothing specific about  what we expect to see the next day though. Why do we have so many other expectations of things we have the same amount of control over? We expected to have control over those things. We don’t. God does. 

    We are fine with Him being in control of the sunrise just not the other things in our life. That’s where most of our disappointment comes from. Thinking we have control. Surrendering it to Jesus should be making more since now if you have understood so far. We don’t need to know what will happen and be happy with what does happen just like we do with sunrises.

   I am still working on this myself too. We all have a lot to learn. Don’t expect to be perfect.

The difference

    There are things we can control and things we can’t.. I cannot make a fish, let me catch it. I can make myself go fishing and have a wonderful time doing it. I cannot control other people. I can control how other people affect me. I can control who and what I spend my time and focus on. I cannot make the sun rise. I can expect it to because it will rise until God says otherwise. I can enjoy the sunrise no matter what it looks like. It’s under his control, not mine. I can let God do his stuff while I do what I think he wants me to do.

   The main thing that leads us to disappointment is expectation. We expect to have a certain amount of control over the things happening in our lives. It’s usually false. We can choose how we respond to things, but we have no control over what tomorrow will bring. “The probably won’t but could happens” will keep happening. 

 People make the assumption that people are Christians because we think good things will happen to us. I don’t know of one Christian that expects good things to happen to them at least not till we get to Heaven. Sometimes it might look that way, but it wasn’t because we expected it to. God blesses us with joy usually to get us through our trials and tribulations. It’s the way we face things that is different. God's plans and mine have been completely different at times.

    When I was young, I thought it would be amazing if I was a professional bass fisherman. Then I thought I might be a chef, or work in construction. God had another idea and during a really trying period He turned me into a writer. I would have never expected writing as a vocation, God did. Now I am a writer. It wasn’t what I expected but I do like what I do now, most of the time.  Everybody has THOSE days. The days I should probably be fishing with someone to remember to breath instead of trying to do more. Life can be complicated, or really simple depends on what you make it into. I like uncomplicated. (I'm just a man I don't need to solve the problems of the world)

     Expectations and plans still give me a little trouble sometimes. I’m still looking for a place to call home. I have some ideas where I would like to live, I have some ideas where I do not want to live. God has His own idea and I’ll wait to see where that is. I’m learning to trust His plan and not have so many myself. I don’t like disappointment and keeping my expectations out of God’s plan keeps that from happening. It might not be everything I want, in fact I’m pretty sure it won’t unless He decides it’s time for me to be a professional bass fisherman, but I know whatever it is will be what He wants and needs me to do. 

     Christians don’t expect good things to happen to us, we know that God will provide what He needs for us, and We are expected to be grateful. Sound easy? It can be, if we let it by keeping expectations out of the way.

Remember the sunrise theory.

Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out Here!

written by Benajmin Evans