The Fishing Story Explained

The setting

    In stories you have things in the beginning that help people relate to it. Where, how, people's names. It’s a bunch of made-up stuff to make it seem like a real story. It’s called the setting. It also tells you about what kind of story this will be. 

   Then you have journalism. Nothing but the facts. Who, what, where, when why? All of it is true, or at least supposed to be, or used to be. It gives you information and lets you make up your own mind about how to think about it or what should be done, etc.

   Then there are fishing stories. While the who’s are probably true and what happened is true, not one fisherman wants anybody moving into his little honey hole. “I’ll tell you what I did, but I won’t ever tell you where I did it.” 


   Because all fishing stories are 100% true.

They can vouch for me

    Most fishing stories usually involve 


     Not because a crime has been committed but because this story is all true. It’s so unbelievable, and true, that I wouldn’t even tell you if they couldn’t vouch for me.

    The witness's character is never in question. Does not matter if they were drunk, asleep, or in some cases not really present at all, as long as they are mentioned in the story, their word is your bond. As we all know every single fishing story in the world is nothing but the complete truth. Not one thing about it is exaggerated. “Just ask them” is like saying “Do you swear to tell the truth, etc.” 

     And since there are witnesses, we can all agree that what they tell next will be the truth. A fishing story without witnesses is fake news. Right?


All Fishing stories are 100% true

The conflict

    The next little “PLOT DEVICE” used by fishermen is conflict. This is what is going to let you know just how amazing this story is. The “against all odds moment to come.” And every fishing story has them.

    “We were just about to leave, when,” To fishermen this translates as, we weren’t catching anything, and weren’t going to catch anything. So, we decided to throw in the towel.

The fish had won that day. Until...

    Or the string of bad luck that had happened. I broke my line, got a backlash, and I NEVER backlash (or professional overcast, depending on your fishing status) it rained since we left the dock, etc. These are key points to other fishermen and let them know how unlikely it was for us to catch anything, let alone “THIS". 

     The fish, and the world for that matter, had already decided we weren’t going to catch anything that day.

Until. . . .

   It’s the man versus the universe scenario. Except in fishing stories the fisherman always wins." If you stick it out and buckle down, son, you can pull a victory out of anything." Fishermen are very optimistic and determined people. "I have been called “cocky” more than once when I’m fishing. " 

And remember all fishing stories are 100% true

The fight

    So now that the scene has been set for just how unbelievable this story really is, but just how true it is too, we get to the exciting part. ‘THE FIGHT.” Every GREAT fishing story has a great fight scene.

    Doesn’t matter if it was an 8-ounce bluegill or an 80 lbs. striped bass, it’s going to be exciting. It’s not the size of the fish in the fight but the size of the fight in the fish. Though usually the size of the beast is only revealed after it's in. This helps build the drama too. Fishing can be risky business.

[ "White knuckle reeling is what most people call it." ]

    In our defense we are outdoorsmen and fishermen NOT psychics. We don’t know exactly how big the lunker is till we get him in, and "he aint caught till he’s in the cooler." Some little escape artists aren't caught till they are fried. Trust me, it happens. 

     The fight usually starts out slow, like 2 heavy weights feeling each other out before really throwing the blows.

  "I felt a little tick. Then that little voice in my head said "Yep, this is it. No guts, no glory. So, I set the hook, and WHAM. He took off. I let him run for a little before putting pressure on him." This goes on and on. 

     It’s building drama. Getting you ready for the next part. And by the time that part gets there, you’re just as tired as the guy fighting the fish. If it’s a good fishing story, you’ll probably be sweating a little at this point. Maybe a little muscle ache here and there. 

    Probably in the gut region and sides of your mouth. 

They’re funny because they’re true-ish.


All fishing stories are 100% true

Then it happens


   Well not at first. Usually, we get just a glimpse of the beast. He jumped higher than any fish ever has in the history of the world. Ask my witnesses. They’ll tell you too.

   And then back under and the fight goes on a little longer.

Maybe another glimpse.

    Till he is in. Usually by this time the hook is barely in his mouth. And of course, it’s true, it’s a fishing story. It’s just one more reason why we should not have caught him,


    Ask my witnesses.

      For some reason, and I don’t know why, people have come to think of fishing stories as exaggerations or half-truths, or just flat out lies. There is no way all that happened. It wasn’t that big. The boat wasn’t really half sunk by that time and so forth. As fishermen and lovers of the outdoors we all know one thing:


All Fishing Stories are %100 TRUE!



Enjoy the outdoors. Life is out here!

written by Benjamin Evans