Have We?

     To most people the world we live in is more advanced than the world was a few hundred years ago. In a lot of ways it is. We can do things now that we're not even dreamed of even a hundred years ago. Communication tech is an amazing advancement, computers, flight, the vehicles we have, kevlar, etc, etc.

     People have made incredible advances in almost every field of science and knowledge there is. We can even split atoms. We can turn matter into energy. It would be awesome if we could make matter from energy like they have on sci fi shows but we aren’t quite there yet.

   There are also some MAJOR POINTS that people have not made any advancement in: mainly as people.I’m just a guy, I’m not a scientist or an expert or anything world changing but I am a little observant and I have noticed a few flaws in our methods.

Sharp objects

    Once upon a time, way back in the history of people in general, life was a bit different. Things were more difficult and what people carried on them was also different. Like a knife.

    Every person who walked around carried a knife. It was a tool that could be used for a multitude of tasks that might present themselves through the day. It could be used to cut rope or cut a piece of meat. It could be used as a tool or for defense. It was the main tool of the day, and it wasn't just adults that carried them. Children as young as 5 carried a knife and learned to use it as a tool. Did they get cut by accident? Probably but not many times. It was part of learning to make it in the world they lived in. It was the way it was.

   The thought of a kid around 5 carrying a knife now sends shivers down most people's spines and will definitely get you a visit from the DHS. Kids now are taught not to run with scissors. Once upon a time scissors had a sharp point too. To make sure people did not get hurt with them, mainly children, the ends of them were rounded off to make them safe. The danger was taken away and they became something that couldn’t hurt you.

    Instead of making people more aware of the danger and learning to respect sharp objects and how and when to use them as a tool we made the object SAFER. 

    They are safer but are we better for it? 

   Is it any wonder why common sense is so uncommon now? Instead of peopl;e getting smarter we dumbed down the world we live in and let tech do the thinking for us. I’m not sure we are headed in the right direction. I am but I got hurt as a kid and learned why I am not supposed to do things in a certain way. Sharp things are dangerous and should be used with caution. I have the scars to prove it but I’m smarter for it. Some lessons need to be lived to be understood. Sheltering people from a world that IS dangerous does not make them smarter, it makes them more susceptible to danger.


    Way back when people carried knives there was something known as leadership. Everybody knew who was in charge and respected it, for the most part. As long as the leadership did a good job and looked out for the people they served, people followed them and did what was expected of them. Until they didn’t and you end up with a French Revolution type overthrow, but all this happened later.

    Way, way back in time people followed whoever was in charge

    Oh wait, this has always ended badly. Whenever people get in control of other people some people get taken advantage of and others get all the benefits. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is what always happens when you have a group of people who RULE over another. Then the rules get tired of it and realize they don’t actually need the rulers and overthrow them. 

    What I don’t understand is why they keep putting more people in charge and expecting it to be different. I don’t need anybody to tell me how to live or right from wrong. I go by the Bible. I am not as far along in my path as a Christian as I will be one day, but I do read the Bible and understand it and try to live accordingly. I don’t look for answers on how to live from other people. Some can answer some of my questions, but I don’t need to be told how to interpret everything and I don’t mind disagreeing on some of it. I know I’m going to Heaven, and I believe God has a plan for everyone.

    I’m not about to get involved in the lunacy that is the political world we live in now but based on history I don’t see the cycle ending any time soon. I just don’t see why people expect it to change. People are people and we all know what happens when some people get too much power. It ends badly. Then there is hope. Then good for a bit. Then back to the ones who have too much power. The cycle will continue regardless of what we do as individuals. People will have to grow out of depending on someone else to tell them right from wrong and how to live with one another or at least stop looking to the government and everyone else to FIX IT. It starts in the HOME.

    I’m a Christian and I know this won’t be fixed by people, but I will live to see the day when the world is made perfect. Doctrine does not change the truth.


    Years ago, and it wasn’t that many, things were actually made to last. Not just a few years but a lifetime. If you bought something it was expected to last for life. Cars were even made to last a lifetime, or longer if you took care of it. Houses were made to last for generations and a lot of them from that time are still standing.

    At some point though people figured out that if things had a life expectancy, then they could sell more of them and make more money. Everything became disposable or temporary.

   They were right. They do make a lot of money off of the disposable world of consumerism we live in. It also created a lot of useless trash. Once it’s past its usefulness you toss it and get a new one. Computers are pretty much obsolete in 3 years now. That’s how fast out technology increases

    The newer the car, the shorter life expectancy it has. Not because the car itself will be useless but all the components used to make it work will be. The only exception are cars that are already old and computer free. They’ll be around longer than any of us will if they are taken care of and most of them are because they will last if you do. 

    There it is the truth that has been hidden from consumers: Things are supposed to last if you take care of them.

  Revolutionary idea in our modern world. You don’t just get rid of it and get a new one when it breaks. You take care of it so it doesn’t BREAK!

    The real problem with this type of mindset didn’t just stop at the checkout line. It carried over into the other areas of life. I don’t know if that was intended or just a way of thinking that resulted from the way the world had become.

    Marriage was something that was supposed to last a lifetime, so were families. The divorce rate of the world will show just how disposable those types of relationships have dissolved into. Don’t like who you're with, get somebody else. The problem is that when people thought a relationship would last a lifetime, they put more thought into who they planned on spending it with. Now people just try out relationships with people for a little while to see how it goes, if it doesn’t work, they move on. It also lets people think that relationships that aren’t healthy to begin with are OK because it's all disposable anyway.

    I am very thankful that I am a Christian and this type of thinking hasn’t influenced my little world. Fishing lures are still made to last and are taken care of, so are guns for hunting, and the land is protected. We love our spaces and life, and relationships are valuable and should be taken care of. Old trucks are good for riding around in the mud and game management means taking care of the wildlife that lies in our corner of the world. I’m glad most things have been kept at bay by the WILDERNESS. We have our own little rules to follow, and I am thankful for them.

Warning Labels

    If you look on the label for EVERYTHING now you will find what is called a warning label. It’s a little piece of writing that tells you all the ways you can get hurt by the item. The people who make it don’t really care if you get hurt by it, they just don’t want to get sued. Like a certain fast-food chain that got sued for serving HOT coffee. The person won because there was no warning label.

    Who doesn’t know coffee is HOT?

    NOBODY, but the suit was won anyway. That’s the way things are in the world we live in. If people aren’t told how they can get hurt by any and everything around them then it’s somebody else's fault if they actually get hurt by it.

    Things used to have directions that told you how to use it and now they have warning labels to tell people what not to do with it. See what happened when we made scissors rounded, people forgot how to use their brains and want someone else to use it for them so they can go about their lives and not think about what they are doing.

    What we really need is a warning label on people’s brain: Not using this is FATAL! I’m sure it would actually get the adverse reaction than intended. People don’t like it when they are told what they are doing is wrong or if they have to put forth some effort. A stationary object will remain stationary until acted upon by another force. What force can we use to get people to start thinking for themselves again? How do we get people to wake up? What has to happen before they open their eyes?

    I know God has a plan for all this and I know He is in charge. I'm just left speechless sometimes by what goes on in our little world. I’m not that old and I know things are not right here. I’m sure it will all work itself out eventually and I’ll be around to see a perfect world. Sorry for the ones I tried to help but didn’t listen because they wanted to nitpick over me being a sinner and not a perfect being. I’m just a man and no one is more aware of my shortcomings than me.

  I guess the real question is this: If we can come so far in so many ways how do we fall so short in ways that are actually important?

    Do we live in a better world? I guess some people do but the world in general is not a better place. There are good places in it and there are some good people in it. From my perspective the places that are still Good are the ones mostly untouched by people. The outdoors is still amazing and pretty much the way God intended the world to be. Cities on the other hand are not places I really care to visit that much. Too many people in too small of an area for me. 

   Too many ideas being thrown around about how to fix things that were never really broken to begin with. It’s all just become a lot of white noise with no real purpose to it except to be heard and accepted for whatever philosophy or ideology you want to come up with to promote whatever you think would make the world a better place for everybody.

     I’m not going to tell people how to fix the world. I have no idea how to fix it either, but I do know this: You will usually find what you focus on. If you want to live a good little life and that is what you seek, eventually you will find it. If you want to get in the middle of the mess because you think you can clean it up, you’ll probably end up with more mess in your life than you bargained for. Some people get thrown into a mess because other people want Them to fix it and then get mad when they get told what they need to do but it wasn't what they wanted to hear.  Then the person thrown into it goes off and builds the life they were looking for before they got dragged into other people's nonsense. It happens, too often.

   My plan for fixing the world is simple. I’ll focus on building the life I want and live it the way I believe I am supposed to according to my faith and let the rest of the world sort out its stuff by itself. I choose not to participate in most of it anyway. Help who we can, and live peaceful lives out of the way.

   I don’t have a plan to fix the world, I have a plan on building the life I want and with the people I choose to build it with. I can’t imagine the stress it would be to actually try and fix that mess. If that’s what you believe you are called to do, then by all means do it. I am not called to that. I’m just a writer who loves the outdoors, mostly fishing, and living a little life out of the way of most of it. 

    If you want to know about fishing or the outdoors or things like that, I'll be happy to answer any questions and I actually do a pretty good job promoting those things but if you want answers on fixing the world, I have no response. I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever it is they are called to do. I’ll be fishing or driving an old pickup through the mud or spending time on the couch with the woman I build a life with. We take care of things that are important in our little world. I hope you all do the same.


One final tip: There is no meaning "OF" life. There needs to be meaning "IN" your life.







Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benjamin Evans