How much Web is in a Spider?

   I love nature and the outdoors. Most of it anyway. I have an appreciation for it would probably be a better way of putting it. 

    I have no idea why God put so much pain in some little creatures. Flying stinging insects are things that set off alarms in me I usually have to force myself to control. I don’t know if it’s that I can’t see them or because I know how annoying it is getting stung. There is definitely primal or instinctual about it.

   It’s funny how the BIG things in life don’t make me flinch but the little things get my attention. I am often bewildered by the way my brain works. I stopped trying to understand it a long time ago. I just learned to laugh about my little quirks and live with them. 

    When we are put into a situation that takes away our conscious way of thinking and our subconscious takes over, we get insight we wouldn’t have realized normally. Flight or fight instincts take over and we blurt out something in the moment.

     Usually, it’s just nonsense or noise but occasionally it’s something to think about.

Running into the web

    If you have walked outside at night you have probably ran into a spider web. They seem to be everywhere. You go from the front door out to your car and WHAM! Right into a spider web or you take out the trash and WHAM again. 

   These have to be some of the most constructive little creatures in the world. Their webs are everywhere they think a bug might come by. They also use them to travel.

    I kind of feel bad when I run through it. Poor little spider is just trying to get himself something to eat and probably something I don’t want around me anyway. Then a giant comes crashing through his little home. All his hard work has been destroyed and so have his diner plans. Can you imagine if that happened to people? We get home after a long day at work looking forward to a good meal and relaxing then a giant comes crashing through our home and destroys everything AND takes dinner with him. We would never stand for such an atrocity. People would gather in droves to get rid of the giants. Not spiders. They just rebuild. Then we ran through it again. 

  I do actually feel a little bad after I do it but at that moment it’s a different story. I turn into a little kid again who spins around shaking his hands and rubbing my hair and anything else it touches. Somewhere deep in my psyche there is a voice that won't stop screaming “It’s ON ME! Get IT OFF! Fight gives way to flight and I’m running from it. In my head the world's biggest most poisonous bug just jumped on my back and wanted to kill me. I know it’s all in my head. It’s my brain playing tricks on me again but in that split second it all seems plausible. Then I realize I’m being foolish, and I calm down. It all happens in the blink of an eye, but it is long enough for people to notice if they are watching. 

     Not that I mind, I know they do the same thing, I’m just the only one honest about it.

    The ironic thing is that out of all the times I have run into a web I don’t think I have ever gotten a spider on me. That I know of. If I did it probably dropped to the ground and ran for its life. Till it looked back at me acting like the sky just fell and hit me on the head.

     I’m sure Mr. Spider is thinking “If you watched where you were going you wouldn’t be flailing around like that.” and he would be right

 The worst is actually seeing the web right before you put your face into it. You’re going along and everything is fine. Then, out of nowhere, your eyes focus on the web you are about to go headfirst into. You can’t stop but at least your brain let you know what was going to happen anyway. I know I saw it sooner I just didn’t realize what it was. Thankfully I usually can stop before I run into them. . .Now.

     I’m not the only person like this either. Show a picture of a spider to most people and they all cringe. Eight legs, eight eyes, it MIGHT be poisonous, it might not be, it makes its own safety line and traps. I know God made everything with a purpose so why are spiders so creepy to us? I even appreciate the job they do: Eating bugs. I don’t like bugs so I should appreciate spiders. The way my brain works sometimes makes me laugh. I know I’m being silly but I every time I hit the web I’m reduced to a brainless heap of “something creepy is on me”.

     It even makes me laugh.

   Snakes don’t bother me. I’ve caught quite a few of them. Predators, nope. I know how to deal with them. Heights aren’t a problem. The only thing that does seem to stop me dead in my tracks are spider webs. 

The Question Emerges

    During one encounter with a web and during my flailing to remove the imaginary spider a question came out of my mouth. It was one that even my brain was unaware of. A question that came from somewhere else. 


    How much web is in a spider?

    I had never really thought about it before. Those little things can make webs that look like they would be bigger than the spider itself if you wrapped it up. I have seen webs going from one tree to another. Spun all over the place as they travel to wherever it is they are going.

     Where is all that web in them? 

    I know there is probably someone somewhere who actually knows the answer to this, but I don’t really want to know exactly how much is in it. I’m impressed by what they can do. It’s all part of God's Grand design and I am usually amazed by it.

   There is no way a person could come with most of the things that God created in His imagination to all work together and have a place in the world. The only things that confuse or do things wrong are, well, People. You would never see a fly trying to live like a spider. They can’t make webs and are pretty much the food of spiders. It’s how things work in the natural world. Fish don’t walk on land. Most things in our world have their place and function and that’s what they do. People on the other hand . . ..

    I understand the natural world because it’s pretty much where I belong. I’m a fisherman and lover of the outdoors. I use lines to catch fish, spiders use a type of line to catch their food too. They might be a little more successful than me sometimes, they are more patient than me most of the time.  I’m not good at waiting, I’m more of an active person. I like doing.

    At the heart of it, we are both trying to catch food. 


    When the question came out of my mouth, I didn’t really want to know exactly how much web a spider had in it. I was frustrated by walking through another one and that’s what came out. 

   I’m not as interested in the science behind it as I am the fact that they can. I’m fine not really knowing the scientific answer to most things. I don’t think science actually knows the truth about most things that are important anyway. 


  •    Science can tell you how far away the sun is but not why we like looking at sunsets.
  •    Science can tell you the chemical makeup of foods but not why we like the way something's taste and why we all like different things. 
  •      Science can try and explain the weather and still not make an accurate prediction about tomorrows.
  •     Science can tell you what chemicals are circulating through your body when you are with someone you love but can’t explain what love is.
  •     Science can tell you if something is alive but not what living is.
  •     Science can’t tell us why we like puppies.
  •    Science could tell me how much web is in a spider and still miss the amazing Grand design of the world God created.

  I guess every time I run into a spider's web it’s just another one of God's ways to remind me of the Grand Design He made all around me. Spiders still give me the creeps but they also remind me of what an amazing world we are blessed to live in. There is wonder all around us, if we look. 

   If I paid more attention to where I was going I might not run into webs. That’s just one of the many things I continually work on as I go through life. I am imperfect and always will be.


Live by Faith. Love the Outdoors. Life is Out HERE!

written by Benajmin Evans